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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

So I was contemplating not blogging tonight because I don't feel like I have the oomph to do so, but Tyler was asking about it. Tyler - this one's for you.

I'll break it up into topics and you can read about what you find interesting! The keywords, FYI are: US Open, Camping, Bad Ears, Labor Day, My Birthday, Video Games, and Fall Clothes. If none of those topics interest you, then perhaps you can return tomorrow and I might have something more interesting to say.

US Open
So I've been watching a fair amount of the US Open when I can. If I'm at the hospital, usually I'll have my lunch in the break-room with a TV. When I'm at home, I usually try to catch the matches on the HD channel that's covering it. I just love watching it and seeing these tennis players make awesome shots. It helps me aspire to such calculated playing on my end. Sadly, however, I have not had occasion to play tennis lately because I have no more playing partners. That and it's been a constant 105 degrees, which is fairly rough to play tennis in.

Camping this weekend was nice. Actually, I'd like to classify it more as learning how to be comfortable in my own filth, as I did not shower the entire time and got quite dirty. Nathaniel and I headed up about an hour or so later than Dave, Joey & Carrie. When we left on Friday late afternoon and it was SO incredibly hot right then that I did not even stop to think that I'd need any other footwear other than flip flops. The best thing about Nathaniel and I leaving later was that by the time we got there, they had already set up the tent (Sergio & Terrence will likely think this is routine behavior for me!). So we pretty much coasted into unpacking my car and preparing/eating dinner. We had hot dogs that night and s'mores later on. I felt kinda sick to my stomach (the first of many times during the camping trip). Saturday we woke up early (with the sun), I took a walk to the beach, had some pancakes (the breakfast made me feel sick to my stomach, but I think because I also ate a donut after my pancake and donuts usually make me feel sick), then I started reading this book I got for graduation and ended up taking a like 10 a.m., only to be woken up by Carrie, who rudely threw the Frisbee into our tent, hitting me on my legs as I slept. Then I woke up and was groggy until lunch, which was sandwiches, chips and grapes, which did not make me feel sick to my stomach. Then I threw around the baseball with Dave & Nathaniel for awhile (critiquing Nathaniel's throw because he throws kinda like a girl) and then took another nap and then played some solitaire when I woke up (everyone was at the beach--I beat solitaire twice!!), then I played some gin with Carrie (who insists, incorrectly, that she is the "Gin Master"), then we had dinner of shish-kabobs and s'mores again, which made me feel sick to my stomach (again). Then we roasted some grapes over the fire (it's quite surprising to see that they have difficulty burning) and finished the evening playing this card game called Guillotine, which I really liked. Sunday we woke up, ate some cereal and packed up camp, returning home sometime around noon.

All in all, it was a fun weekend, except that I got SUPER sunburnt mostly because I was too disgusted to apply sunblock whilst being so dirty. I dislike wearing sunblock in the first is just made worse when I'm dirty and have to put on sunblock. So I didn't wear it. I spent a lot of time in the shade, but I suppose I also spent a fair amount of time in the sun. Another downside was that I was also bit a lot by mosquitos. I really do not understand how I was bit about 5-10 times and no one else really suffered them at all. I could never live somewhere where mosquitos were a regular threat.

The weather at the beach was great. Hot during the day, but not oppressively hot, but really cool in the evening, so much so that I was bundled up in sweats on Saturday night and didn't feel totally warm until I got into my sleeping bag. There was also a pleasant breeze. I love the beach.

I took pictures which I will download and upload at some point in the potentially near future.

Bad Ears
Sometimes I am amazed at how loud the TV is in our house. My family is SO deaf.

Labor Day
Labor Day was spent laboring. Not in the sense of child birth but in the sense of dramatically cleaning the kitchen and dining room. It feels great to have it be so clean. Living with my dad and brother, however, I cannot hope that it'll remain clean for much longer, but at the very least I am satisfied at this moment.

I also watched that documentary about the parrots. It's quite boring and I don't recommend it, other than there's this one point where they talk about how the parrot guy was squatting in the guest house of this one couple. They interviewed the couple and the couple said that they didn't mind that he was squatting there because he added to the flavor of the neighborhood and how everyone loves the parrots and how they didn't need the extra space because their house was big enough anyway. Then, a couple of scenes later they show that he has to leave that house because all of a sudden the couple are now renovating their property. Then the couple says something like how they'd really like for him to stay, but with the remodel taking up most of their land, they really can't do much about it. Classic, hilarious and passive-aggressive, all at the same time.

My Birthday
So I didn't necessarily do anything special for my birthday today. I thought about not working at the hospital today, but then I remembered that everyone else works on my birthday, so I might as well work to make some money and have something to do. So I did that. Nothing much happened there today. Then I came home and, instead of going out for my birthday, I insisted that we eat at home because we almost never do that at this house. So we had this chicken I really love and watermelon (which I really love, especially for breakfast!) and salad and fries. Carrie also made me this delicious grapefruit cake because she knows that I dislike chocolate cake. So 29 has been low-key but good. I might, however, be catching a cold, or maybe it's allergies because I've been sneezing a lot today.

Video Games
So my big news on the video game front is that I won Bomberman Live twice last night. By winning, I don't really mean the whole game or even the whole tournament. I just mean that I won two individual rounds within a tournament, which is a huge accomplishment for me, since the last time I played I was just blowing myself up.

Joey also bought a PS3, which means that our current inventory is a PS3, an XBox 360 and a Wii...and probably other consoles that I am blissfully unaware of. We do not, however, currently have any games to play on the PS3. He just bought it because it was a good deal. So we just currently have 3 movies we can watch on it. Tonight we have been watching Invincible. At incredibly loud levels.

Fall Clothes
I seriously cannot wait to wear my fall clothes. I am so done with summer...the problem is that summer is not done with me. It's still quite warm, although it's supposedly cooling down. But I can't wait to wear my sweaters and pants and stuff. I just wanted to say that, really.

Well, I should get going to bed, as I am quite sleepy. I work at the hospital tomorrow at 8 a.m., just like I did today, which means that the latest I can get up is like 6:30...or maybe 6:45 if I'm good and stay on track when getting ready (a difficult task for me in the morning). This morning I somehow managed to convince myself that my shift started at 8:30 a.m. when the alarm was going off, so I woke up later than I should have, making me about 12 minutes late. I wonder if I'll ultimately get in trouble for that. Being a non-exempt employee, I've learned that they're pretty nazi about clocking in at the exact right times. I guess we'll see...

- Jenny, 9/04/2007 10:11:00 PM

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