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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The most interesting thing, I think, about jury duty today was going in and out of the courthouse, passing by throngs of photographers and video cameras and even getting photographed by a trigger-happy reporter. At the time I found it a little confusing, but then came home and read this article that explains why there were so many journalists there. I guess I didn't realize that the Phil Spector trial was still going on.

I suppose I can't say much at all, but I did end up on a jury today. In fact, I am juror #2. We are still at the very beginning of explaining various laws about being on a jury and haven't gone through the process of the lawyers dismissing people from the jury. I suspect that when we do that I will likely be dismissed from the jury because I know others who have been convicted for similar crimes. I have to go back to the court tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. (super bummed about this). I will say one thing, though: people who are argumentative with the judge and say ridiculous things like they don't believe in the philosophical idea of "beyond a reasonable doubt" just so they can get off of serving on the jury really annoy me because it just prolongs my time in court and makes me (and everyone else) come back the next day. Thanks a lot, lady.

Carrie will likely be disappointed to hear that the judge, in fact, did not speak like a pirate even though it's speak like a pirate day.

The best thing about jury duty today was being able to go to the LA Cathedral during lunch. I've wanted to go to the cathedral for a number of years now because I've heard so much about its beauty after having been built, but never got around to visiting. Luckily for me, it is located about a block away from the courthouse and is an excellent place to go to lunch. They have this cafe and this very nice and quiet courtyard. You can also go in the cathedral and, when I did that at the end of my lunch break today, I was surprised to see and hear that there was an organ concert going on. I'll probably go back for lunch tomorrow. I took some pictures today which I will upload, if I ever get my act together with this whole uploading pictures thing. I still have pictures on my camera from camping at the beach for Labor Day weekend.

Other than jury service, I have nothing to report. It's been getting colder and darker here, which, frankly, is a little surprising. It feels as if it's come from nowhere. Additionally, today I found to be kinda chilly and a little humid. I guess I've heard it could rain on Friday, which would be good for us but just a little weird. Rain? In September??

- Jenny, 9/19/2007 05:04:00 PM

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