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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Last night's softball game was a killing...and not by the Sliders. We lost 29-7 which, if it isn't our worst score ever, it's up there. I knew there was going to be trouble when I saw them warming up. Often you can predict the outcome of a co-ed softball game based on the girls on the various teams. When I saw that the girls on this other team were wearing knee pads and baseball socks, I knew we were in for it. Consequently, I've been sore and tired today. In the past month my muscles have forgotten the conditioning I gave them playing this summer.

I am learning that Tuesdays at the hospital end up being non-stop busyness for me. I have two one-hour meetings to attend (although one was cancelled today), and then I received various pages to help various patients. Today I wrote a few letters for this one patient's family to help their family members in the Philippines to gain access to visit their sick family member. I always feel really important and powerful when I have to write those letters.

It took about a bazillion efforts, but I think I'm finally finished working on the DVD sleeve for this DVD on postpartum depression. Yesterday I had almost non-stop communication between myself and the graphics people at this printing place in San Diego. It was super frustrating because I sent them everything they needed and then, on their own side, they had all of these problems and made it seem like it was my fault, when they had everything they needed all along. So it was email after email after email, continuing even into today, where I had to email from the hospital to help put out some fires down there. Frustrating, but it seems that we're now good to go.

Still no news regarding the job search. I've been very discouraged lately and have wondered if I will ever find a job. Where's the Magic 8-ball when you really need it? Update: apparently this Magic 8-ball insists that I will absolutely get a job. Wish I had that confidence. I've put in an email to the place I'm waiting to hear from, but the further it gets along, the more I lose hope. I'll take a walk right after I post this and then maybe later on tonight I will be able to gather energy to find more places and positions to apply to.

- Jenny, 9/11/2007 05:34:00 PM

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