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Monday, September 10, 2007

I have the day off from the hospital today. I plan on using the time to try to get a little closer to email nirvana after doing just a little graphic design. I'm almost at email nirvana with my AOL email address (so close I don't even need to try anymore) and I'm currently working on my gmail address (I'm down to 20-25 emails!). I desperately need to reach email nirvana on my PTS address (my guess is that I have 30-40), so perhaps I can also work a bit on that today.

I also think I'll spend some time today in continuing to cleaning the living room. The kitchen and dining room remains relatively clean, which is completely surprising. So this weekend I worked on one part of the living room and I hope to continue to make some damage on the rest of this place. It's really interesting how my mood significantly changes when my environment is clean. So I suppose if you really wanted to torture me, Chinese water torture may not be the way, but leaving things consistently messy would tear at my soul.

Tonight is the pre-season opener for the Sliders! We're playing some team called Pawsitive Perspective. With a name like that I hope we beat them. I hope I'll be OK playing sports in reality, because I've been plummeting in my fantasy leagues. 2nd in Fantasy Nascar (and down by over 300 points) and I got killed in the Fantasy Football season opener by the Crippler. The fact that I only have a kicker left in tonight's Monday Night Football games is not going to help me...

Sigh. Today I've been working with various people to get things straight for two different graphic design stuff. I hate it when I am working with people who I don't know and yet treat me like an idiot, as in the case with this one guy at this one printer. Argh.

- Jenny, 9/10/2007 11:09:00 AM

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