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Monday, September 17, 2007

Here's a conversation that just happened:

Joey: Oh no, Jenny...if this score [for our Fantasy Football match-up this week] is right...
Jenny: [surprised and almost elated] What?!
Joey: I won!!!
Jenny: Argh!!!!!!!
Joey: It's least one of our teams won.

Yeah...thanks, Joey. Joey's now on the Sliders as well and the other team he references in his totally cruel comment is the Sliders because we lost tonight, 18-8. The sad news is that it was tied at the last inning. I may have slightly pulled several muscles tonight...and they all feel as if they're on the right side.

So lately I've been feeling really bored with life. I just feel kinda really lackluster about everything. I definitely did not want to go in to the hospital today and I couldn't even pull out of that while I was there (which sometimes I can). I was psyched to go to baseball tonight, but once I got there I was bored. I definitely do not want to go in to the hospital tomorrow. I suppose my hope is that at some point this week (Wednesday, maybe?!) I get called in for jury service. But even that doesn't sound very exciting. I just can't seem to figure out what sounds exciting, actually.

Well, I should go to bed. Maybe I just need to get some good sleep...lately I've been a little restless.

- Jenny, 9/17/2007 10:16:00 PM

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