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Thursday, August 09, 2007

What's funny is that today I heard two ends of the spectrum. I had my interview this morning, which I think went really well...I will be excited if they contact me back. The job would be working for this pro-women's equality organization, focusing on helping women of low- or no-income, doing advocacy work, etc.. So, as you can imagine, they're pretty pro-women in general (although, as far as I can tell, not really nazi feminist, so that's good because it would annoy me if they were).

But then this evening I went to go and pick up my new car (!) from the car dealership and I had this other salesman helping me (my salesman was occupied with a customer) and this salesman was really old school. We got in my car to test drive it and he asked me if I knew how to drive a stick. Um...hello? Why would I buy a manual transmission (seek one out, even) if I don't know how to drive a manual? Then, later on when we were going over everything he was giving me cards to various people in the dealership, including the service area, where the manager is a woman. He made some sort of comment like, "Can you believe it? A woman used to be a tough job, but now I suppose anyone can do it." So that kinda really turned me off with this salesman. Although my original salesman is really young and can't spell "Princeton," I missed him.

So other than sign my name practically 8,000 times and talk about myself for about an hour, I didn't do much today because it was all just too exciting.

My new car is very, very nice. And it's really pretty. It's white with some tasteful white sparkles in the paint. It's really pretty when the sun hits it...and almost looks like it's glowing in the dark simply because it's so white. The interior is black and otherwise has a couple of cool features on top of the standard features that probably will not wow anyone else other than me. I'll take pictures for you all to see probably tomorrow or something.

It's funny how everyone has their own opinion about paint on cars. I have heard from some people, "Don't get won't hide anything. You'll see all the dirt, all the scratches." And yet I have also heard people say the exact same thing about white paint. Weird.

And something else that's weird is getting used to the fact that I have a new car and it looks completely different from my old car. I came home and parked it on the street and, when I was walking up to my house, I turned back to check it out and I almost didn't even recognize that the car sitting there was mine because it was white. I don't even really like white cars, but I like my car. And I'm glad that I got this trim above mine.

Tomorrow I take the high school group to play some laser tag. I am telling you this: only students who showered that day are allowed into my car.

- Jenny, 8/09/2007 09:54:00 PM

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