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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Today hasn't been the most boring day ever, but it's up there. Here's how I have managed to keep myself occupied over the past few hours:

Wake up at about 7:30.
Watch good portion of Jerry Maguire on TNT.
Drive over to my house.
Take 3 mile walk.
Wash and dry car by self.
Take shower.
Go on internet, respond to some emails.
Go through pile of papers and throw stuff away.
Pay bills.
Think about going outside but remember it's too hot.
Watch brother try to adjust images for phone game he's working on.
Go to lunch with dad.
Do three loads of laundry; wash, dry and fold/hang.
Look through TV channels, realize nothing's on, turn TV off.
Go on internet, realize nothing's changed.
Think about what to wear for church tomorrow, do not come to conclusion.
Think about what to wear for interview on Tuesday, come up with half-outfit.
Debate with self about going to a movie to kill time.
Realize not only will theatre be crowded, don't have enough time before going on-call on the hospital.
Complain about boredom to brother.
Scoff at playing Guitar Hero, as per brother's suggestion.
Play Guitar Hero with Carrie, get stressed out, lose.
Play Wii Tennis with Carrie, make some good shots, ultimately lose.
Watch Carrie take "fitness" test on Wii, aged 43.
Think can do better than Carrie, take "fitness" test, results: age 46.
Suggest dad take "fitness" test on Wii to feel better about self.
Get frustrated when Dad scores age 37.
Vow to self to take Wii "fitness" test every day next week.
Go on internet, realize nothing has changed.
Wonder about outfit for church tomorrow, consider something nice mostly to occupy self with ironing, become unable to make decision about what to wear tomorrow.
Listen to some podcasts.
Think about going outside, remember it's too hot.
Remember that friend Joy asked me to create a movie poster for her last February.
Work on and complete Joy's movie poster.
Listen to some more podcasts.
Check internet, due to lack of change, realize no one else is having a boring Saturday.

- Jenny, 8/18/2007 07:13:00 PM

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