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Monday, August 06, 2007

This coming Saturday my grandpa turns 90 and we're going to have a party for him at his place in Palm Springs. I realized this morning that I used to think 90 was pretty old, but I recently found out that my friend Colander's grandma is 95, so I think I should tell my grandpa to pick up the pace.

In some exciting news, my Nativity watercolor painting has received yet more attention. Some Catholic organization found the picture I took of it on the other magazine & newspaper and they want to use it as part of their annual Christmas appeal. This is good news for me because they're going to pay me for it and it would give my artwork more exposure. I really need to paint something for the Watercolor West competition, but I am feeling so lazy lately.

Um - I just got really good news. I applied for a job just this morning and they already called me back to set up a phone interview for later on this week! And I have an interview next week with another place. Both are jobs I am really, really interested in.

Today Joey and I went out for some good brother/sister bonding time to look for shoes. I need shoes to play tennis in, since I only have my running shoes and if I continue to play tennis in those, it'll tear them apart (and I like them so much I'd be devastated if that happened). Joey needs cleats because he'll be playing on the Sliders in the fall. He didn't end up finding any shoes for himself, but I found some for playing tennis AND got a new pair of flip flops. While we were in the store, I noticed there was this dad and little girl trying to find her shoes (probably for tennis also, as they were in the tennis section). I noticed that she didn't like the ones she tried on because they made her feet "look like they're a size 2." Let me just tell you something, little girl: I would kill to have feet that small. Instead, I have these monstrous feet that might be able to make me walk on water, since they're practically boats. I considered trying those shoes she was trying on, but they were Nikes and Nikes never fit me that well. Plus the New Balances I got look fairly dainty on my feet and aren't too heavy. So I'm happy with my purchase and now will have proper footwear to play in my two (!) tennis engagements tomorrow. Crippler, when are we going to play???

I love listening to these Uneasy Listening mixes by DJ Z-Trip that Tyler gave me awhile ago. I especially love listening to them when I take my walks and bet I will love listening to them while driving, once I get my new car.

I'm still without a car, but I was thinking yesterday as I was taking a walk of looking into the trim level above mine, to see how much more expensive it is. The major difference is the trim level above mine has a 2.3 engine (instead of a 2.0). It looks like it's only $1,000 more which, when buying a car, isn't that big of a deal. So now the dealer is looking to see if he can find me one of those in manual. He thinks he did, and it's only about $800 more expensive than the car I was looking at AND supposedly there's one in southern California. So maybe I'll get my new car this week...I hope.

- Jenny, 8/06/2007 12:47:00 PM

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