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Sunday, August 05, 2007

So right now I'm playing Bomberman Live on the XBox 360 with Carrie. I wanted to play Mario Party on the Wii with Carrie, Joey and Nathaniel, but apparently Joey and Nathaniel have to do some "rebate" stuff, whatever that means. So to bide me over Carrie's teaching me how to play this game, which is pretty easy, except for the fact that I keep on walking into my own bombs. It wasn't so hard on the practice/local play mode, but now that we're playing with strangers from every time and place, it's a lot harder because it's way crowded.

I'm also on-call at the hospital tonight. We went swimming this afternoon and, of course, afterwards we were famished. I finally convinced Joey, Carrie & Nathaniel to go to my favorite Mexican restaurant and we waited for a table and literally right as we were being seated I was paged to go into the hospital. I can't tell you how bummed I was. My fault for trying to go out when I'm on-call. Then, once I got to the hospital, I was literally only needed for less than 5 minutes to say a prayer. I mean, I guess I prefer that to actually staying there for hours, but...I think I just prefer not going in at all.

So last night I went to the Dodger game with the youth group and we ended up having two extra tickets. Tyler gets a big A+ for coming and hanging out with us because the kids were in fine form last night. And by fine form, I mean legitimately crazy. Actually, they weren't that bad. It was fun seeing Tyler, though, because we talked about how I'm totally going to clobber him in Fantasy Football this year, just like how I did last year. Glorious victory!

Alright, I gotta concentrate on Mario Party.

- Jenny, 8/05/2007 09:27:00 PM

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