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Thursday, August 02, 2007

So I still don't have a new car. Apparently the white Mazda 3 that I want is still on the boat, being shipped to the new dealer somewhere in CA. The dealer (who's younger than my brother!) called me yesterday asking if I would be ok with the Galaxy Grey color because he found one that was available. I told him I was, but then when I called back today to see the status of that, he told me that it wasn't available anymore because it, too, was on the boat. I sure hope this boat does not sink. I am itching to have my own wheels again. But actually it hasn't been that bad. My dad has lent me his car and he, in turn, is driving his work truck. My dad's car is a very sporty rice rocket-type car. I drove up today and this kid, Stephen, said to me, "Wow, did they give you a loaner car or is that your new car?" To which I told him that I was borrowing my dad's car. Stephen replied, "That car is awesome. He trusts you with that?!" Welcome to being an adult, Stephen...welcome to being an adult.

Tomorrow I'm going to my softball team's BBQ. I've been requested by my friend Marian to bring this German potato salad that I brought to the Hollywood Bowl the other night. But the thing is that I brought leftovers that this genuine German made, so I've never actually made German potato salad (despite being a quarter German myself). So I called her yesterday to get the recipe, but she's one of those cooks who doesn't measure anything. She gave me rough estimates for this salad and I followed them to as much of a tee as I could without having definite measurements. Well, the long and short of it is that I am now swimming in German potato salad. I've never seen so much potato salad in my life. Good thing it keeps for awhile, because I'm not running out of it anytime soon.

Tomorrow is also my last day teaching at the high school. I feel that it's appropriate because I feel that I had a breakthrough with that kid Josh. He's the one who has been constantly pestering me about how I ran over that squirrel a couple of weeks ago (allegedly - like I said, there's no proof that the squirrel died) and he even went so far last week as to say that my hit and run accident was karma for running over the squirrel. He said this to me the morning of my accident. Punky jerk kid. Well today I had to take him along with me as I went out to get lunch and we were talking about something completely different and he brought up that his mom said that he should lay off me about the squirrel. So I told him that it didn't bother me that much, except for that one comment he made about the karma thing. He then told me he didn't realize that he said that and you could tell that he felt really, really bad about saying that because he was apologizing to me for the whole hour. He won't be there tomorrow, so I feel good because I feel like I have some closure with that.

Also, the funniest thing about my accident was that I was driving to school on the day when I was going to set up a still life of flowers for our watercolor class. So I had some fresh flowers in a bouquet in my car. Accordingly, I put them into my dad's car and drove to the school and stopped by the office before going in to teach the class. So I walk in with a bundle of stuff, including the flowers, and Tiffany, Tyler's sister said something like, "Oh, that's so nice - your dad brought you some flowers!" To which I replied, "No, the hit and run driver came back and said he was sorry." She responded with a shocked, "Really?!" It was so funny...probably the funniest thing that happened that day.

Here's a funny visual: Tonight I took a thinking tangent during a conversation at dinner and wondered if there are any pastors out there with Tourette Syndrome. I don't know if there are any, but could you imagine the sermons?!

- Jenny, 8/02/2007 11:06:00 PM

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