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Thursday, August 23, 2007

So I see on my Blogger dashboard that today is Blogger's 8th birthday! I guess I've been blogging since December 2002, which isn't 8 years, but it sure is a long time. At the time when I started, most of the population wasn't even really sure what a blog was. Now blogs are old hat and are being used by companies to market their various wares.

Blogger says that I've written 1,342 posts (not including this one). If you add to it the 51 I wrote while I was in Jamaica (on that other blog) and divide by 5 (for years I've been blogging), that's 278.6 posts per year. And seeing how I generally have skipped writing on the weekends that shows that I blog about five days a week. I have often wondered how many words I have written over the course of my time blogging. This especially was interesting to me as I would agonize over writing 5,000 words for a paper at Princeton and yet easily be able to write 2,000-word blog posts about ridiculous things (like toothbrushes).

In other news, if you want to read something really hilarious, look at this. This past year at Princeton some of my friends were very interested in my appearance on that Nickelodeon game show Wild & Crazy Kids. You may remember that earlier this year some of my friends helped me to re-inact the game so that I would win. That spawned the men of 4th Alex to give their floor the motto of "4th Alex, making dreams come true." Well my friend Jessica, a lawyer turned seminary student, took it upon herself to create my very own Wikipedia page. I love how she calls me a "former child actor" and notes that I do not fall prey to the typical path of child actor stars.

I've been attacking my Gmail inbox hard. I've managed to cut the number of inbox messages from 42 to 30 these past few days. I've got to do a similar thing with my Princeton account. Email nirvana, here I come.

So I found a snag in creating my softball team. Apparently if you want to play coed softball in Burbank, you can either play in the corporate league or the regular coed league, but not both. So...that is frustrating. Good thing I checked it out before emailing all of my friends to see if they'd play. I'll try looking into Glendale's parks and rec department tomorrow maybe if I get around to it. I'm also going to a funeral and going to the Hollywood Bowl and I've got to water the plants, so that spells out a busy day for this woman of leisure.

- Jenny, 8/23/2007 06:41:00 PM

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