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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Chances are that if you came over to the Smith household on a Saturday morning, you would see the whole family watching Ninja Warrior. You can see a clip from the show here, although it does not give the English translation of the sportscaster, which is fairly hilarious at times because it's so literal. The agility of some of these Japanese people is simply astounding...what is also astounding is the extent that some of these Japanese are willing to embarrass themselves.

Yesterday was quite full. First the funeral. I read scripture and the priest told me that I did a "beautiful job reading the Word of God." So it seems that if I learned anything at Princeton, it's reading scripture well. After the funeral we went to the graveside and then Dad, Uncle Brad, Tyler and I met up with Joey for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. Something that's kinda weird and kinda cool is that Tyler used to work for my dad's friend (his mom is the one who died), and then Tyler and I met in college, independent of that. Weird, right? That's part of how Burbank is kinda unique in feeling like a small town in the midst of the second largest city in the country. But going to the funeral got me thinking - maybe another place to look for work would be to work at a funeral home/cemetery. So I've got to look into that.

Then in the afternoon I watered the plants and then got ready for the Hollywood Bowl last night. I went with some people from Insomniac and actually carpooled over with two strangers, because everyone else was coming from a different place. I went with this guy Gabe and his girlfriend and they were super nice and fun to talk with. On the way home Gabe was laughing because he thought it was kinda weird that I know so many people at Insomniac. I told him that sometimes it kinda feels like I even work there...I'm on their softball team, on their tennis email list, and go over from time to time to visit with Vicky and Marian at their desk. Anyway, it was a fun night of picnicking and listening to swing music. I think going to the Hollywood Bowl might be one of my more favorite things to do in the summer, probably right after going to an evening baseball game.

- Jenny, 8/25/2007 12:05:00 PM

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