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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

As I walked out to my car this morning to go to church, I found that my car had been egged. As Terrence and Carrie can attest, egging my car is like the worst thing you can ever do to me. Not only does it damage the car, but because of my extreme egg aversion, it grosses me out more than you can imagine. My old car was egged in the summer of 2004 on a day Terrence, Carrie and I were going to go to lunch. I was going to drive and, when I walked outside, I saw that my car had been egged. I walked back in and got stuff to clean it, but then ended up not being able to physically clean it at all because I kept on gagging from the smell (I have a huge problem with egg smell) and I was crying and it was just a miserable day. So Terrence cleaned it off for me and we went to lunch.

Fast forward to today. I was leaving for church and saw the egg cracked over the back driver's side door and immediately took it to the car wash. They cleaned it off, but I noticed that the egg took off a (very) small portion of the paint, which makes me really sad because I love this sparkly white color. The worst part is that the car still smells (to me) of egg. I can't even open my trunk because it's repulsive to me. I'm sure that no one else will be able to smell it, it's just the price I pay because I have this sensitive nose and egg aversion.

Consequently, my day started out miserably.

Then I went to church and the first kid to show up was Hyper Kid. He wasn't as bad today, but then again, he was still hard to manage. I did learn today that there's probably some very bad dynamics happening in his family, so that made me feel really sorry for him and probably gave me a (very) little more patience in dealing with him today. One of the things that we did today as a group was make S'mores (UK people, for clarity, click here) with that marshmallow cream stuff. Hyper Kid had a knife and was spreading the marshmallow cream on the graham crackers and I overheard him telling the kitchen helper (in all seriousness), "Don't worry. If it gets on my fingers, I'll just lick them." Um...great. Then I saw another little kid sneeze directly on the S'more he was making. Needless to say, I skipped snack this morning.

I just saw a commercial on TV for the new ping pong movie called Balls of Fury. I think I'd probably like to see this movie. But mostly it just reminds me that I really like playing the ping pong game on the XBox 360. Maybe Joey will play it with me a little later.

As far as interviews have gone, I have had three so far. Two good, one not good (which led to part of my sadness yesterday). But today I also have great news in that one of the places I am excited about has called me back for another interview!!

Finally, I submit to you a query: Do you put an objective statement on your resume? I was talking the other day with Emily, who does put them on hers and needed help thinking of a good one. I, however, do not put them on because I feel that they're fairly lame, especially if you send your resume with a cover letter. So, I wonder what you all think about them? Do you use them? If you hire people, do you look for an objective statement on a resume?

- Jenny, 8/14/2007 04:55:00 PM

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