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Monday, August 27, 2007

About a week or two ago I bought a new pair of jeans. As a gift for trying on the jeans (it was a new cut of jeans in totally weird sizes), I was given a card that allowed me 35 free music downloads. I finally got around to going to the site this weekend and almost immediately I realized why they were giving away music downloads - because you have to hunt for good music on this site. It took a long time and dedicated searching, but I finally was able to download songs that I felt were palatable. Then I immediately cancelled the service.

This weekend I also got this SPAM email. This is what was noteworthy about it: the subject line read Thank you for your request for Unknown Unknown. Well, you're quite welcome! So I opened up the email and it seems that an Unknown Unknown request is that of one that is looking for a particular vehicle. I have been assured that they are searching their inventory for my request of an Unknown Unknown and that I will receive the bottom-line price. Not too shabby. I might be willing to pay the bottom-line price for an Unknown Unknown.

Also this weekend I realized that I am getting a lot better at Guitar Hero. Last night Aunt Trisha, who was making her way home from a weekend at Santa Cruz Island, stopped by and we had dinner and ice cream and then Joey and Carrie tried to teach her how to play Guitar Hero. She played against me, as I am the worst in the house at it (although Dad has yet to try). I have no idea how well she did, as when I play I cannot look at anything on the screen except my notes, but I noticed that I was making many more notes than I have been and my left fingers are getting used to hitting the buttons on the fret or whatever it's called. Now I just have to get a little rhythm!

- Jenny, 8/27/2007 11:36:00 AM

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