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Friday, July 27, 2007

Well today I worked at the hospital instead of at the high school, and it was kind of a nice change. I visited with patients for most of the day and had a couple of interesting encounters.

For one, I saw this guy I who was visiting last month in the ICU who was in a coma from a car accident. But today I saw him walking and I talked with him. He actually looks a lot different from what I expected him to look like (it's hard to see what people really look like under all of the stuff they put on you in the ICU). I also had a fun conversation with this Jewish woman who was making me laugh and laugh. But the most interesting conversation was with this guy, who's a self-professed Pagan Witch. I believe he was trying to evangelize me, incredibly enough. He kept on telling me it was cool that I was so open with learning more about Paganity, or whatever you call it. He was telling me all about the candles you light and how they don't sacrifice babies and how I need to go to Barnes and Noble and buy this green book and just read it with an open mind because he read it with an open mind and since reading the book himself, he is understanding how the whole world has been lying to him and stuff. Interesting stuff.

So when I got home today my Dad let me know that the auto body place called and that they're probably going total my car. After freaking out a little and talking with my Dad, I'm now realizing that it may be possible for me to get a new car...maybe, if my dad helps me. So I'm looking at the Mazda 3 4-door.

Of course, if I become Pagan, I can just light my green prosperity candle and all will be ok and I won't have to worry about any of this. Might be the thing to do.

- Jenny, 7/27/2007 11:39:00 PM

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