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Monday, July 09, 2007

Well, I've been spending the last hour or two trying to figure out if I can afford to go to Champaign, IL to see a couple of friends of mine get married. The verdict is still out. I can afford it, but as I'm adding it all up, my pragmatic side is wondering if it's a smart move for an unemployed person to do...we'll see. By the way, I'm permitted a guest, so if any male is interested in going (and paying his own way), just let me know!

Anyway, Saturday I drove down to Laguna Beach and hung out with my Aunt Trisha (who is featured, by the way, in the Summer 2007 Nature Conservancy California Update). When I arrived, we took Augie for a walk and then took the trolley over to the Sawdust Festival, had lunch, and looked at the various artists on display. There were some artists who I know I can paint better than because their paintings looked like a third grader. But for the most part, there were some impressive artists on display. After that, we walked back to town and window shopped in the cute stores there and then went back to her place to hang out before deciding upon dinner. For dinner, we went to a Thai restaurant a couple of blocks away from her house and then watched the Pursuit of Happyness. Sunday morning we slept in and then enjoyed some pancakes and berries. Then we went and walked around the grounds of this new resort (the cheapest room we could find online was $695/night in the winter!) and had carnitas tacos for lunch at this really yummy Mexican food place (of course it's organic because this is Orange County). Then I came home. I took only a few pictures, which you can see if you click here. I put notes on a couple of the photos. See the pool photo, especially.

I found myself perplexed this weekend with how cold it felt at the beach, contrasted with how hot it has been at home lately. Note to self: get fantastically-paying job close to beach and live there. I was looking in the newspaper and housing in Laguna Beach (and Newport Beach, close-by) is amazingly ridiculous. This tiny, 900 sq. ft. house (1 BR + a loft and 1 BA) across the street from my aunt's house is on sale for $1.6 million dollars. Average cost of a home down there is going to run you about $2.5 million dollars. Of course, if you have more, you can most certainly pay $8 million, which is not unheard of. In the paper I saw one in Laguna Beach for sale for $11 million dollars (I think that one had 5 bedrooms) and then the most expensive one I saw for sale was $13 million in Newport Beach, not even on Balboa Island).

Well, I currently feel as if I've squandered my day. I woke up late, then took a 45-minute walk, then went and played tennis for about an hour in the hot, hot sun with John L., then went to the church to teach the Children's Ministries director how to link on Dreamweaver, then came home and had a late lunch and searched for airline, car rental, etc. stuff for the IL wedding. Which brings us to now. About one hour before we play baseball tonight, against the Deluxe Chico's Bail Bonds Bears.

- Jenny, 7/09/2007 02:34:00 PM

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