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Monday, July 16, 2007

There is considerable Mormon turmoil in the air. You see, there is this Mormon Jenny Smith and, from what I can gather, she is the one of, a veritable oasis of LDS clip art, lessons, etc. I happen to know this because I mistakenly get emails to my gmail address all the time asking for various clip art, etc. Well, the last few weeks have been tenuous for clip-art-loving Mormons because was down, for whatever reason. I am not aware because I am neither Jenny Smith, nor Mormon. But because of this outage, you don't know how many hits I had from Utah reaching this blog by searching for Jenny Smith and I even got emails (to my gmail) from people across the country asking me why I took down this site. Today I even got an email from this woman asking if I could build an LDS website like how I built this other Mormon website, etc. And, now that I'm blogging about this, I'm sure to get twice as many hits as I have been getting. Anyway, the long and short of it is that you'd think that people might recognize if they stopped to think a little bit or examine what's before them that there may be several, even thousands of Jenny Smiths out there and that blindly emailing any Jenny Smith email address might not help them out too much. It makes me wonder if has the same problem I do.

That aside, I had a really rough weekend. I was on-call at the hospital this weekend and was called in both Sunday morning and this morning at 4 a.m. for two different cases. There's nothing more miserable than hearing a beeper go off loudly at 4 a.m.. Then last night I was also called in to do some "crowd control" for a large family (between 30-50 people present) who was anxious about one of their family members in the ICU as a result of a gun shot wound. Although I was told that the patient was "critical" (everyone in the ICU is critical, but then 90% of them get better), no one told me that the patient was probably going to die...I was just asked to do crowd control. It wasn't until I was talking with one of the family members that I was told by them that they were told by the nurses/doctors that the patient would die within a couple of hours. Um, hello - crucial information. So then I went back and asked the doctor about it and he said that the guy (a high-schooler) had less than a 10% chance of living. So most of Sunday I was overwhelmed by a number of things, including feeling like I'm never going to find a job, feeling like I'm never going to move out of my house, not knowing what to do in several of these situations I was called in to help with at the hospital, feeling like I said some stupid things at the hospital because I wasn't totally aware of the background, and being ticked off at the stupidity of high schoolers being able to have access to guns and/or being involved with gangs with parents seemingly raising their hands in helplessness. It all really, really got to me.

But I'm feeling much better today. And this weekend was not all bad. Saturday I went and fed the homeless at my church and that really helped me to have some perspective. Also, this one man told me that it was "bitchen" that I was going into the ministry, and that was really cool to hear.

This week was going to be relaxed and easy, but now is full of a number of things, including teaching a couple of classes on culture at the high school that I will be teaching at next week (for my art/design class). This kinda came out of nowhere, so I'm a bit...overwhelmed with knowing where to start with teaching the kids about culture. I suppose, however, that there is a lot I can dwell upon in teaching about culture because I've lived in another country, for instance, and have visited very different foreign countries. Additionally, I have some amount of knowledge/education of various religious cultures, so...hopefully I'll be able to figure out the day and a half that I have to teach that. Anyone have any ideas of things I can teach about?

Other than all that today is Monday, which I find totally exciting because it means I get to go out and play some softball! Tonight's is an early game in the heat, but hopefully we'll do ok. Tomorrow I drive up to Ventura for the afternoon, so I may try to drive up a bit earlier and maybe take a walk along the beach. We'll see. Or maybe it'd be better to walk along the beach after my appointment.

- Jenny, 7/16/2007 03:30:00 PM

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