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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

So my brother resigned his job last Friday and now is staying at home doing freelance programming. I come home today from teaching and the following conversation happens:

Joey: Jenny, your friends call too much.
Jenny: Who called?
Joey: I don't know. A couple people.
Jenny: What do you mean you don't know, didn't you take a message?
Joey: No.
Jenny: Well, why didn't you take a message?
Joey: Why can't they just call your cell phone?
Jenny: Because they called my home phone. Why can't you just take a message?!

So pretty much if anyone needs to reach me, the cell phone appears to be the best option. Not only is our answering machine here mysteriously broken, but apparently messages can't be taken here.

I was rejected by a job today, but I'm actually really glad because I was going to have to reject them and wasn't looking forward to it.

Tonight I'll be seeing Super Bad with Joey, Carrie & Nathaniel, thanks to Joey (somehow) getting free tickets. I don't know anything about this movie, so I'm hoping it's not super bad.

And then tomorrow I'll be hitting the surf & sand at Zuma Beach, located in Malibu. I find that it's a bit boring as far as beaches go, but it'll be nice to be out of the classroom and watching the ocean.

- Jenny, 7/31/2007 06:37:00 PM

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