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Thursday, July 19, 2007

My primary browser for my Mac is Safari, not because it's the default browser but because I really like some of the functionality in the features (not found in the other browsers). But Safari has been operating horribly lately, causing all sorts of slowing on my machine. Whenever this happens (which recently feels like it's been in fairly frequent interludes), I switch over to Camino for a few days until I begin longing for that added functionality (read: being able to right-click on a word and have it give me spelling options, being able to right-click on a word and have it look the word up in the Mac dictionary, and being able to view a PDF in the browser). At that point I go back to Safari, hoping things have changed and that Safari has learned its lesson.

So imagine my surprise about an hour ago when I went to Camino's homepage. I can't even recall why I went there, exactly, (no doubt to prolong procrastination in completing my PIF) but I have been using Camino in the past couple of days because Safari freaked out again. Perhaps I wanted to see if maybe I could find a plug-in to install to view PDFs in the browser instead of downloading them (which is Camino protocol). Well when I loaded the homepage, I was delighted to see that there's a new release, complete with right-click spell-check. (I really need this spell-check option because I have difficulty with words with double letters.) So I found it fairly amazing that there's this new version with the spell-check. I quickly downloaded it and now I'm giving it a whirl to see if it's good enough to use as my default browser. The jury's still out about that...while I can live without the dictionary function, I don't think I could spend any significant time with a browser that doesn't open a PDF in the actual browser. So I've been researching and it seems as if there is a plug-in I can (and have) downloaded, but it doesn't appear to be working...

Today when I showed up at the school there were no kids there, just staff. I was actually a little nervous that I'd get in trouble for getting back so late with the kids yesterday (even though it wasn't my fault, but I find myself frequently nervous about getting into trouble), but all was fine. I waited for about an hour until we figured out that the kids weren't coming in today, for whatever reason. So I got comped for some free hours for showing up and was able to come home and work on some stuff that I needed to get done today. I wish I would have done much more work (like some design stuff I need to finish and this stupid last question for my PIF), but I suppose there's no need to beat myself up for it. Maybe I can try to be diligent tonight.

- Jenny, 7/19/2007 05:01:00 PM

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