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Thursday, July 05, 2007

I celebrated my independence yesterday by going to a party my dad was invited to, by making mango salsa (delish!), by eating hot dogs (those Hebrews sure do know how to make a good hot dog) and by watching Old School, a movie that still makes me laugh. I also tried to make cherry-vanilla ice cream. Talk about a complicated recipe - I really should have read it first before jumping in and doing it (guess I've learned my lesson). Long story short, the ice cream did not work last night, but I'm re-freezing the churn thing and have saved the batch of ice cream and will likely try to churn it again after I blog this.

My day today has been ok. This morning I woke up, did some emailing and then took my 3-mile walk that I like to do on days when I'm not working. I didn't walk yesterday or the day before because of my pulled muscle. Getting out there this morning, I realized that my left thigh muscle is fairly OK...what is in absolute pain is my right butt muscle/hip joint. I think it must have been that when I was running around the bases this past Monday I must have made to long a stride or something. So now I'm trying to give it heat, hoping that it'll also heal.

Today I also went to check out the school where I'll be teaching at the end of this month. I got some more details about what I'll be doing, but not many more details. I have to figure out what we'll be doing for the two weeks kinda from scratch. The two week thing can also include painting and stuff, so I might teach web design one week, watercolor painting the next (or vice versa). I also have to figure out where to take these kids on a field trip that's "art-related." I'm kinda excited about this, but also kinda don't even know where to begin. It'll be an adventure figuring this out.

Otherwise, today I feel like I've been doing a bunch of catch up/administrative stuff, which means sending out a ton of emails about various things. The nice thing about administrative emails is that they're quick to send. Write a little something, send and then everything is in the other person's hands. Also a plus is that I achieved email nirvana in my AOL account today. I'm very far from that in both my Gmail and school account, but the email nirvana there has given me an insight to how awesome life could be if only I could achieve that end!

- Jenny, 7/05/2007 03:50:00 PM

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