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Friday, July 20, 2007

Good thing for Facebook. Both Danny and Nathaniel left comments about my status message, which was "Jennifer Smith is getting her hair cut today." I wanted to blog about my haircut, but totally forgot until I read those wall posts.

I know I need a haircut when I start putting my hair up all the time. Lately I've been sporting many a ponytail. To rectify this I called for a hair appointment and was fortunate to get in today. Now there are many women (maybe most?) who plan out their haircut before they go in. Maybe they look in magazines or maybe they see others' hairstyles - I don't know. I just show up and basically say "you're the expert, do what you think looks good." This time I told her that I wanted it a little shorter and that I like long layers so I can stick my hair behind my ears (this is very important to me). So I sat down and she started clipping away, ala Edward Scissorhands and I was minding my own business when midway through my haircut I looked at the mirror and thought to myself, "Oh my God - she is cutting all of my hair SO short." Even though I was slightly mortified, I didn't say anything because a.) what can she do and, b.) I didn't want to run her vision. In the end, however, once it was all blow-dried and stuff, I discovered that it wasn't that short and it looked pretty cute.

Here is a picture of it, but mind you that it's at the end of a long day, so it's a bit messy. Also, notice how tan I look in the picture! Also, if you notice, my hair is inches above my shoulders and my hair prior to 11 a.m. was about an inch or two below my shoulders. It's considerably shorter, yet the only person to notice without me pointing it out is Carrie. Although Tiffany said that she thought my hair looked darker, but she didn't say anything about it. My hair always looks darker after I get it cut because all of the sun-lightened parts are cut off.

So there you have it - if, of course, you managed to make it through this incredibly boring post.

- Jenny, 7/20/2007 09:31:00 PM

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