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Friday, June 08, 2007

Ugh, I simply do not understand why Paris Hilton's arrest/release/etc. has to be the top news story every day this week. Furthermore, I don't understand why it's "breaking news" as we watch her driveway on TV to see when she's coming to the courthouse.

Anyway, in addition to making nectarine ice cream* yesterday, I also made this very delicious chicken for dinner. I got the recipe from some magazine, but I pulled it out of the magazine and now cannot figure out what magazine it came from. Actually it just occurs to me that it might be from Westways, the AAA magazine that everyone (but me) hates. I highly recommend you try out the chicken. Especially if you live by a Ralphs, since their whole, cut chickens are on sale right now. It was nice to make dinner last night, especially because it got me off of the computer and gave me something else to do. It was also nice that everyone liked the chicken (including my brother), which I worried about a little.

I am very intrigued by the new show John from Cincinnati mainly because I can't figure out what it's about. Maybe it's a sci-fi show about an alien in San Diego? That's about as close as I can figure. Even from watching that video on the site, I just don't know. The star was also interviewed about it on the news this morning and he couldn't have been more cryptic. So seeing as how we have HBO, I may try to watch it at least this week (the first airing is Sunday night) to see what it's about.

Tonight starts a weekend of me being on-call at both hospitals. I'm a little bit nervous, as I haven't really been back at one of the hospitals (the one that gets action) since last summer, but I suppose once I'm called in (I suspect I will be at least once this weekend because there always seems to be a car accident or gang shooting or what-have-you) things will fall back into place and everything will come back to me.

* Although really creamy, it's doesn't have a very peachy flavor. It tastes more like really creamy vanilla with the occasional nectarine chunk thrown in. I think I'd like for it to be a little less creamy and a little more peachy.

- Jenny, 6/08/2007 09:12:00 AM

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