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Monday, June 18, 2007

They just interviewed Mark Philippoussis on the news this morning and I can't believe how cute he is, with his dimples and Australian accent (Carrie will ask if he has facial hair...I can't remember, but I can say that I like dimples WAY more than facial hair...facial hair is just a bonus). He's doing this new show where he has to decide what is better, dating someone in their early twenties or dating someone over forty. Well, let me just tell you something. I am only two years younger than him...we are made for each other! No need to date any of those women. Mark and I will just play tennis and watch Australian movies. Perfect! According to Wikipedia, he lives in Las Vegas, so Kathryn, Susan or Jen, if you see him, send him my way!

This past weekend I made tangy citrus sorbet (even modified to have orange tangerine juice, it was still quite tangy! and delicious!), finished the Bonner workbook I've been working on fixing (30 hours later...I'm 95% done, just waiting for them to send me some missing pictures), and I realized that my cousin's wedding is now less than two weeks away. Crazy. I'm leading the service (with the help of my pastor) and I am realizing that I need to start practicing this stuff!

In other news, sometimes it gets me that I'm fairly shy. It may be hard to think that I'm shy, but I am. There are a fair amount of people who have come to my church since I left and there are a few people I'd really like to get to know and yesterday I just chickened out and left fairly quickly after church. Greeting people after church can just be really...overwhelming to me sometimes. I think because I don't know what to say to these people, other than " was you week?" So next time I might have to try to dare myself to go up to them...maybe I can figure out something better to say to them in the coming days. I guess part of what I don't get is that I know about a bazillion people and have a lot of friends. If I'm this shy (and I am), how'd that ever happen??

Tonight's softball game is against the Nickelodeon Splats. They're in the league below, so I guess our game match up is the worst of the G league (us) plays the best of the H league (them). I'm hoping we can win, simply to prove my theory wrong. My theory is that I am bad luck to the team. You see, the Sliders hadn't lost a game this season until I got here. And I'm not playing poorly,'s gotta wonder how we've lost the last two games (the very games I've been to) and yet had never lost before...

But before that point, I get to see Amy and cute, little Adelaide. Then I have to go to work for about three hours. So, San Fernando Valley - I'm talking to you. Please be safe from 4-7 p.m. Don't shoot any guns, get into any knife fights or car accidents. I'm feeling like I'd like it to be quiet today!

- Jenny, 6/18/2007 08:39:00 AM

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