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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Since I was last at the hospital, they have instituted this new software on all of the computers in order to transition from paper charting to computer charting. There are still paper charts (with an abundance of paper being used), but the idea is to transition to this software to do all of the charting.

Yesterday or the day before I got my username and password, as chaplains are to chart each visit made to a patient's room. I find it kinda funny because my boss, who I like very much, assumes that learning a new software is going to be a task. He tells me, "Well, Jenny, use your username and password on the training module for a couple of weeks to familiarize yourself with the program, then we'll transition you to the live version, where you can print out your census and make chart notes." A couple of weeks? No. I've been watching the other chaplains as they print out my census and show me how to change someone's religion, etc. This is not a difficult program to use, although it is a bit cumbersome and PC-like (many, many steps and mouse-clicks and pushings of F9 or F12 just to do one thing). So yesterday I hopped on the actual program (side-stepping the training module) and begun printing out my census, making corrections to people's religions (per their request, of course), etc. My boss witnessed me doing this and (I think) was honestly shocked that I picked it up so quickly.

Later on when I was making actual chart notes, I ran into a problem. On my first chart note entry, I realized that how I was taught to chart my notes was incorrect. Basically, I was charting over what others had already charted AND the section I was taught to chart in was not going to be able to be viewable by the other people at the hospital who don't have access to our Spiritual Care section. The chart notes are supposed to be available to all so Social Work and Nursing can look at what I've written and vice-versa. So I talked with another chaplain about it (he's a "super user," just like my boss is) and he instantly recognized the problem I posed but wondered how to solve it. Together we figured out how to do it correctly.

So the moral of this story (that is fairly boring, in retrospect) is that I'm pretty technological and don't need to practice for a couple of weeks on a training module.

- Jenny, 6/23/2007 09:39:00 AM

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