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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Man, today has been a really, really long day. And I'm just making just a little bit longer by blogging.

I woke up super early today - 5:45 a.m., which is legitimately early. I had to be in at work today at 7:30 a.m., but because of the strike, I had to get there half an hour early to get from the parking garage to the building, which I thought sounded a bit ridiculous because the parking garage is right there, but whatever. So, I got ready and at 6:15-ish I get a call from my boss saying that the strike is cancelled or postponed or whatever, and that I don't have to come in until 8. Well by this point I was already all ready so I couldn't just go back to bed (no matter how much I wanted to). So instead I looked for jobs until I had to leave for work, which ended up being more interesting than me wanting to go in to work.

Then I went in to work, which was fine. Because I don't have a "home base" in the Spiritual Care office, I can't just relax and kick-back. So usually, when I'm at the hospital, I'm pretty much interacting with people most of the time and when I'm not interacting with people, I'm charting my interactions with people (I have to record all of my visits in a patient's medical chart). So for an introvert like me, I was tired by the time I left at 4. I think the most important thing I did today was look up a phone number on the internet for this one woman. It sounds trite, but she was really stressed out that she didn't have the number to call this place to tell them she was in the hospital. So I got her the number and you could see the waves of stress wash off her. A person is not going to get well if they're under serious stress. I had another interesting interaction with this one woman who wants it stated that she's Jewish, but she's actually Christian Science. Apparently, she doesn't want an autopsy and Jewish people can refuse one for religious reasons. But what I wonder is if a Jewish person can forego an autopsy for religious reasons, why can't a Christian Scientist?

Right after I got off of work I hopped on the freeway to meet Kristie in Malibu. As can be expected, there was traffic on the 101, but it wasn't too horrendous. However, it was clear sailing once I got on the road to drive through Malibu Canyon. I always love driving through Malibu Canyon, although it always makes me a little nervous because it can get to be a pretty steep mountainous road at points. But it's really just a very beautiful drive, and there's little that's as spectacular when you get to the one point on the road where you're still in the mountains, but it opens up to show the ocean in the distance. California really is just a beautiful state with all of these completely varying natural features.

Anyway, Kristie works at Malibu Presbyterian Church, which commands a spectacular view. I took a picture, which I will hopefully upload tomorrow. I sat and spaced out in Kristie's office for awhile, which was great for me to just sort of relax after a day with constant interaction and great for Kristie because she had a few things left to do before we could go to dinner. After a good dinner with great conversation, we went to the Foundry, the service for young career-types, at a church with another spectacular view.

I'm really tired now because i've been up for like 17-ish hours. At least I don't have to wake up super early tomorrow, although you can commiserate with me because my shift tomorrow (at the other hospital) is from 11:30a-8p. I feel like that takes up too many crucial hours in the day. But it should be good because this is the hospital I worked at last summer. I'm looking forward to seeing my friends who work there and being back in the midst of a smaller and busier hosptial that has some more exciting things going on.

- Jenny, 6/12/2007 11:17:00 PM

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