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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Let me just tell you the most mortifying thing ever. That may be a slight exaggeration, but not by far. So yesterday I decided that I needed to go to the store to get some deodorant and sugar. This was at like 10 or 10:30 pm. I know it's late to go to the store for only those two items, but sometimes I just set my mind on things, ok?

So I get to the store and I notice that the store gets a little sketchier after 10 pm. It's not like I live in a sketchy area, but the store just felt sketchier. All of the lights in the produce section were turned off and there were more young people than I've ever seen at the store. In fact, mostly everyone was young...and sketchy. I probably looked sketchy to others, too. I was still dressed in my work clothes, which was a pair of dress slacks and a button-up shirt (that's a "shirt" to you UK types), but I was wearing flip-flops (in true SoCal style) and had taken my hair out of my french braids and put it up in a ponytail, so it probably looked tousled. Plus, I think my make-up had some wear-and-tear.

Anyway so I pick up some nectarines while I was there, since they were on sale and made my way to the deodorant aisle. I usually go for Mitchum Unscented Clear Gel, but I was feeling kinda open to trying something new. I never, EVER get Degree because it never EVER works for me, but I was thinking to myself maybe I might be interested in trying Secret.

So I was looking at the various scents when this sketchy guy, about 15-20 years old, walked in front of me. He stopped shortly beyond me, maybe by 5 feet, looking at the men's side of the deodorant offerings. He stood, looked at his choices and picked up a thing of deodorant. Now, I'm not sure why I happened to stop and watch this guy. He wasn't particularly attractive and there wasn't really any other reason for me to be looking at him, but I was. So he picked up one of the deodorants, took the top and protective seal off, lifted up his shirt and used the deodorant in his armpits. THEN the sketchy guy put the cap and protective seal back on the container and put the container back on the shelf!

I watched the whole thing and I just didn't know what to do! He started to walk away right in front of me and I just didn't know what to do, so I averted my eyes as if I hadn't seen anything this guy had done! I didn't know what to do because I was completely mortified, thinking of all the times before I had innocently bought deodorant right off of the shelf without batting an eye. What do you say to someone who has so grossly neglected common decency? So I averted my eyes and then just stood there for minutes, looking at all of the deodorant tubes, wondering how many other deodorant tubes had been defiled. Needless to say, I made sure the sticker on the deodorant I was selecting was secure. Later on, when I came home and told my brother and Nathaniel about the injustice, Nathaniel wondered if I took the deodorant off the shelf, which I never even thought about doing. For all I know, it could still be there, soiled, on the shelf. I feel like I've let down my fellow humankind by not speaking up or doing anything regarding this.

My work today at the hospital was good. Twice today I was asked to do something I've never done before - write a letter on behalf of a patient. The first was to the immigration people to help this patient's father come up from El Salvador to see him. The second was for another patient's son, who had to cancel his trip abroad due to his mother's hospitalization. He needed a note from the hospital to verify her hospitalization in order to get a refund. In both of these instances I felt incredibly important, as if I have TONS of power. It felt kinda weird to feel so important, as if my name and signature was the only thing that came between what these people wanted. But the reality is that I'm merely one of many people who can write such letters...these letters were pushed off on me because others didn't want to take the time to do them. But I didn't mind because it was kinda cool.

Today I also got to visit this family that I have been visiting over the last few days. This one patient is in our ICU because of a trauma (car accident) and I think he's in some sort of a coma. But what is so neat is that his family is continually around, talking to him, holding his hand, stroking his skin and hair and what has seemed like a dire situation has turned into a situation where they are seeing their loved one progress in amazing ways...he is responding to them in his coma when they ask him questions and stuff. I've had the pleasure of praying with this family as well as just coming in and spending time with them, inviting me to get to know them as I stop by for a few minutes each day. Sometimes being a chaplain is rough because people are immediately suspicious and don't care to even speak with the chaplain. But other times being a chaplain is really cool. This family, along with a few other families and patients I remember from last December and even last August, these people make the job of being a chaplain fairly awesome.

In other news, last night I made this killer nectarine sorbet. Way better than the peach ice cream I made a few weeks ago. I feel like the sorbets are much more flavorful than the ice creams, but Carrie wants me to make some chocolate ice cream, which she thinks should pack a lot of flavor. So I may try that sometime this weekend.

- Jenny, 6/21/2007 09:51:00 PM

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