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Thursday, June 28, 2007

I find two things hard to believe today: a.) how incredibly hot it is, and b.) how many people are at the BPL this afternoon. It is so busy here that I had to park on the street and practically every chair and table is being used. I'm at the BPL to use their wifi connection, as our wireless at the house has been acting up in the last few days. I'll have to talk to my brother about that. I even tried to use Carrie's computer, thinking I might get better reception with a PC, but even that didn't work. Nothing gets me more in a tizzy than when technology doesn't satisfy my immediate needs.

Back onto how hot it is. According to AccuWeather it's only 87 degrees outside (feels like 90) but I beg to differ. It feels as if it's closer to 95 or 100, which does not spell out fun times for the rest of the SoCal summer. I am really enjoying being back home and it's tough to look other places for work, but let me just tell you something: summer in southern California is ridiculously's one of the things that's really tough for me to bear.

Random: yesterday I realized that the priest at the hospital sounds exactly like Nacho Libre.

Today I went with Ross, the pastor at my church to the Sportsmen's Lodge to run through David and Laura's wedding before the rehearsal tomorrow afternoon. I can't believe the day is almost here. I've decided to have a folder-like thing with me up in the gazebo to hold the order of service that has everything I'm going to say on it. I am feeling fairly confident that all will go well and I'm getting excited about it!

- Jenny, 6/28/2007 03:44:00 PM

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