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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Here's what I find confusing. They used to have TVs to watch whilst in line at Ralphs, which is a supermarket. So, as you're waiting in line, there's this TV playing with a variety of things...maybe at one point it'd give the weather, at another point a person demonstrating an easy recipe to make, maybe at another point it might be a movie trailer. But now those TVs are removed, so there's nothing to watch as you're making your way through the line at the market except the cashier swiping the items against the scanner.

However, now there's TVs when you go to get your gas at the Shell station. I guess when you fill up your tank, the TV turns on and shows you commercials for TV shows. What makes this confusing for me is that TVs seems like it's really dumb. I never end up watching the TV, as I'll go back in my car and sit, or maybe I'll sorta space out while standing pumping my gas. However, watching the TV in line at the market was kinda nice, especially when they'd do a recipe. Sorta instructional and made sense for the situation and stuff. So why would they remove the TVs at the market and put in TVs at the gas station?

Another thing I find interesting is how my experience in driving on the freeway in New Jersey and other states is that you know your exit based on the number. My exit off the turnpike was 9, my exit to church was 45, etc. But here in Southern CA, we do exits by name. So my exit for my house is Burbank Blvd. and my exit for the hospital is San Fernando Mission Blvd., etc. However, I've noticed that CA is starting to go by this numbering system, so if you get directions off of Mapquest or Google Maps or whatever, it'll give you a number. But what's funny about it is that there's hardly any signage that reflects these numbers on the actual freeway...maybe a small sign as you're already exiting off the offramp. So my advice to non-Southern Californians trying to navigate the freeways, do not pay attention to the number designations.

Carrie is watching this reality food TV show on the Food Network right now. It is pretty ridiculous. It is a total cry-fest. I'm sticking with Tracey's no-cry policy on this one.

Anyway, I noticed the numbered exit thing because I had Mapquest directions to the Sportsmen's Lodge, which is where the wedding is going to be held about 3 hours from now. I've been there the last two days, once for a pre-rehearsal meeting with my pastor and yesterday for the rehearsal. The rehearsal went really well and it was really exciting to be there and to be involved with such a special part of my cousin's wedding. I'm really excited for the wedding today. I've been practicing the script (aka the order of service) and, whereas I don't have it memorized, I know it pretty well and am feeling fairly confident about it. I know the parts of the document that give me trouble, simply because I don't say words in that order or whatever. But now I'm wondering if I'll make it through the wedding without crying, because I was sorta getting all emotional during a couple parts during the rehearsal yesterday. Even today, when I was reading through the script again, there were a couple of parts that made me emotional. Whatever - I don't mind crying in front of people, so long as it's not about a reality food TV show.

I suppose I should start getting ready, as I'll have to leave here in a little bit!

- Jenny, 6/30/2007 02:31:00 PM

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