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Sunday, June 03, 2007

All yesterday (Saturday) I kept on thinking it was Sunday. Multiple times yesterday I thought to myself, "Dangit, I forgot to go to church." But the good news is that today, Sunday, I did, indeed, remember to go to church.

This weekend, in addition to celebrating my dad's birthday, I have been hunkering down over this book. Not reading it, mind you, but design. Last year sometime the Bonner Foundation had me design a template for a student workbook they were putting together. I did a sample chapter and this girl, who's not a graphic designer, took over and compiled the 200-ish page book. Well, a month before I left Princeton I talked with Bonner and they wanted me to make the book ready for publication because I guess maybe this girl doesn't work there anymore or whatever. Sure, no problem. So, I got the file and I looked at it and realized that this girl did many, many things incorrectly. So now, in order to get the book ready for publication, I have to fix a lot of her mistakes, which is annoying and time consuming. Before I left Princeton I worked 9 hours on it and yesterday I put in a whole 9 hours. I still have at least a few hours remaining to get things in order. Probably not more than 5, although it could be.

So in the meantime, whilst I am doing the design, I am listening to podcast after podcast. My brother has been very good to put his video games on silent and has been listening to them with me, from the Religion & Ethics Newsweekly podcast (which is excellent), to NPR Environment podcasts, to CarTalk podcasts, etc. But we've just taken to listening through the PodQuiz podcast, which is this trivia podcast that's pretty fun to play. Sometimes it's difficult (one round was on windows) and sometimes it's easier. My favorite is the first round, which always includes music clips. Sometimes he'll play the clips backwards and you have to guess what song it is, which is very fun to listen to. Keeps me entertained while I'm slaving away over this document!

- Jenny, 6/03/2007 01:12:00 PM

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