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Friday, May 25, 2007

We're currently in Cedar City, UT, where, if you are a local, there is a high chance you have a really bad hairdo. You should see some of the offenders.

Anyway, the Colorado police was out with force today. We left Golden at around 9 a.m. and probably saw at least 25 police cars up and down the 70 within the first three hours, fiercely pulling motorists over left and right. I have begun the drive each day this week, generally driving until we get lunch and, of the two of us, I am the one with the lead foot. So this would have been a problem, except that we were driving through the majestic Rockies in the morning (SO beautiful!), which means curvy mountain roads, which make me a bit nervous, so I tend to take them slower. I found myself really impressed with the Rockies, and a bit sad that our jaunt through them was relatively brief. Once we drove through Vail, which was really nice, we were generally heading down the mountain, snaking alongside the Colorado River which, however controversial, supplies southern California with water.

Driving through Utah was as I expected it - beautiful desert rock carvings in all sorts of colors and not much else. Every once in awhile we'd pass a gas station, and I find myself each time wondering what would make someone want to live in the middle of the desert where there is absolutely nothing. But I suppose this just demonstrates the fact that I am, without hope of being anything else, a city girl.

The drive today was a long one. I was doing some math on the drive. You see, I have been under the understanding that I would be arrivng home on Saturday night. But I was thinking to myself that today we're in Utah and from Utah we're on a beeline home. So then I started thinking that maybe today was Friday. But then I remembered that I watched LOST last night (good, but confusing), so today must be Thursday, which means that I must be getting home tomorrow, Friday night.

This is most excellent news. However, this means that we will be in Las Vegas at around 11:30 or so tomorrow, which means that maybe I can't see Kathryn on my drive through because she'll be at work. Kathryn, call me tomorrow [609-558-9300] and let me know if maybe you'd be able to do an early lunch or something.

- Jenny, 5/25/2007 05:48:00 PM

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