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Friday, May 11, 2007

Well, as can be expected, I am totally sore and exhausted today from my tennis foray yesterday. My right bicep and shoulder hurt pretty much any which way I move them. I played about as well as can be expected considering that I have only picked up a tennis racket once in the last 3+ years, which was for an hour session in August 2005 when I was leaving Jamaica. I have totally forgotten the grips for every stroke I know (including my two awesome serves)...which was more than a little frustrating. But despite my poor performance, I had a lot of fun and wish the four of us had been playing tennis for the three years we've known each other, instead of in the last week of seeing each other regularly. This just gives me encouragement to try to find tennis partners to play with when I return home.

Today starts the first day of my action-packed weekend trip. I will go up to Westfield and get my hair cut after having lunch with Emily and her friend who's visiting, and then drive down to Laurel to spend the night at Tracey's. Saturday we will hang about and maybe look at some furniture and then Saturday in the very PM (so PM it's actually AM) I will pick up Danny from the Washington DC airport. We'll get very little sleep and then wake up in the morning to see Tracey preach. Then, right after service, we'll head to see the Nationals play. Then Sunday night we'll hang out and Monday Danny and I will wake up and do a tour of the DC monuments. From there, I believe we will drive up to Boston on Monday afternoon and then see the Tuesday Red Sox game at Fenway. I think I'll be back in Princeton at some point on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to it (especially going to Boston, which is a great city!), but it kinda makes me tired just thinking of it all.

- Jenny, 5/11/2007 06:40:00 AM

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