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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

So I just got off the phone with my dad. He called because yet another creditor called today regarding a LAN phone line "I" had in 2001. Apparently it is of no consequence to these creditors that I've never actually had a LAN phone line. I would not wish identity theft even on the most hated of my enemies. I will probably be fighting this fake "Jennifer Smith" and her proclivity toward phone lines and gas credit cards for the rest of my life.

Anyway, when talking on the phone with my dad, I mentioned that I subscribed to audible so as to download audio books for our drive back from NJ to CA, an excruciatingly long drive. (can anyone recommend any good audio books, by the way?) Somehow this brought up the topic of movies and Dad mentioned that he saw this French film that has subtitles. Now, my dad is not too into artsy films and certainly not into films with subtitles, but apparently he really liked it! I think it looks rather funny myself, but then again, I am into artsy films (I especially love films done by Sony Pictures Classics) and don't mind subtitles at all.

He also let me know that he and my uncle will be venturing into NYC on Friday and that they'd need directions of how to get there and how to navigate around and stuff. This is also a pretty big deal because my dad has this irrational fear that he will be mugged when he goes to NY, which is just silly. In many ways, I think that NYC feels a lot safer than LA sometimes...or, at least, safer than certain LA neighborhoods. Anyway, when we were talking about this, we came up with a great idea! I could devise a scavenger hunt for my family to do in NYC. There are 12 people coming and they all have different agendas for the times that they're out here. So, I could email a scavenger hunt out to them all ahead of time of certain things to go and take a picture of (like I could say "take a picture of a large hole in the ground" or "take a picture of the naked cowboy" or "take a picture of someone wearing an I (heart) NY shirt") and then when we're all together at dinner after graduation, we can see which people found the most things. Sounds like fun, right? I love scavenger hunts.

Speaking of LA and NYC, last night I also saw this news story of how almost everyone and their brother are millionaires in this country. I'd link to the story, but it is now lost. Anyway, it listed the top 15 counties that had the most millionaires, four of which were in California. I thought NYC would be fairly up there, but it's only 6th on the list. I forget which county was second on the list, but it had a whole 100,000 fewer millionaires than the number one county: yep, you guessed it - Los Angeles County. I think it said LA County (where I'm from) has something like 269,000 millionaires in its bounds. Is it just me, or does that not sound like a lot of people? I just find it so surprising. Ah - here's another news article with the story.

- Jenny, 5/02/2007 01:04:00 PM

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