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Sunday, May 06, 2007

So as I was driving back from church tonight, I was driving along, half singing to the radio, half deep in contemplation about life in general and the future in specific. My drive from church is what I would consider somewhat rural, but I know some (like PresbyTony) would consider it to be fairly developed. Anyway, it's a nice drive and as I was driving along, all of a sudden I started smelling a certain scent that was coming through the vents. It wasn't particularly pleasant, but it wasn't awful was just really familiar. Now I have a pretty sensitive sniffer and I can be really good at placing smells--either locating them to a particular time or a particular person (Emily likes to point out that the other senses get stronger if one of them fail--a slight on my poor hearing). This particular smell was very familiar. So, I stopped singing and I stopped contemplating and focused my energy on this smell.

Within a minute I knew why the smell was familiar - it was the same scent as my brother's feet. Exactly the same. Despite the fact that my brother lives 2,747 miles away and the last time I had the opportunity to smell his feet was at the beginning of January, I know this smell. I only wish Carrie would have been there to verify.

- Jenny, 5/06/2007 08:03:00 PM

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