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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Out of curiosity, what do people do on weekends when they don't have to read 300+ pages and write a paper for the following week? Leave your answers in the comments section. I think I've forgotten how to be a regular person.

Here are some bits and pieces:

a.) Tell me that this kid does not look like Sideshow Bob.

b.) This weekend is Memorial Day weekend. This is one of my HUGEST pet peeves. People constantly mix-up Memorial Day with Labor Day. This bothers me because I was born on Labor Day and it irks me that people who have celebrated both holidays their whole lives can't remember that Memorial Day is the last Monday in May (for those who can't remember, notice Memorial and May both start with M) and that Labor Day is the first Monday in September. For my sake, please keep it straight.

c.) I just love looking at this picture and think that it must have been fun to be in that office on that day.

d.) This is the best job site search tool I have ever found.

e.) I am in love with whole grain mustard. I would not say it has revolutionized my life, but I would say that it has brought me to a whole new understanding of what mustard should taste like.

f.) When you leave your comment in the box regarding what you, an average person, do on a weekend afternoon, please also let me know whether your index finger or your ring finger is longer. More on this to follow later. I expect everyone to participate. Thank you kindly.

- Jenny, 5/27/2007 05:48:00 PM

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