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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

O O O (that one's for you, Danny)

Reason #829 why I will probably never find a man I can marry: I hate hecklers. They are rude, loud, annoying, three characteristics I just cannot abide in a man. Just returned from the Red Sox game tonight. Actually, when I say just returned, I mean about an hour ago because, for the last hour, I've been looking around MySpace and IMing and stuff. How quickly I waste my time.

Anyway - my day today was as follows:

Caught the T into downtown Boston and walked through Boston Common. The morning was kind of overcast and chilly. Danny, a San Diegan smug with pride about his city's stellar weather, was put off a bit by this morning's weather, but I actually like days like that, and I am appreciating them especially, knowing that when I return to CA I will be encountering brutally hot weather, the type of weather that I hate (at least it won't be humid). From the Commons, we found the information booth in the Commons and begun walking the Freedom Trail. I found it a bit ironic that I was walking a trail commemorating the fight for freedom from the British, the very people that I love!

We walked past all of the sites on the 2.5 mile trail, taking a break for lunch at the Cheers by Faneuil Hall. Overall, it was a pleasant walk and I could have done it twice, thrice, perhaps even four times over, if it weren't for that dastardly Bunker Hill. This is the second obelisk I've seen in two days (the first was this piece of work) and, of the two, it is quite the smaller and free to go to the top. So, we decided to climb up. When I saw that it was 294 (or so) steps to the top, I thought to myself, "no problem." I mean, I'm no stair master, but 294 steps did not sound like it would be that big of a deal to me. was. I was ok for the first 100 steps or so, but after those, my stamina quickly fell downhill. 294 steps straight up is HELL. I felt all queasy and miserable when I got to the top (and dizzy, because it's a tight, circular staircase) and my legs were all shaky as I was making my way down. That, and the sun coming out and it becoming a bit humid left me exhausted, hot, and sweaty. Later on my cousin, who exercises and stuff, informed me that he guessed that it being 221 feet up and an 8-10 degree slope in the staircase, that it was about a half-mile of stairs. Thanks for letting me know that earlier, Danny.

Anyway after I had sufficiently rested from my excursion to Hell, we made our way from Bunker Hill over to Fenway. We stopped on the way at the first Christian Science church. When I went to Boston with Emily and Kevin last year, I promised Carrie that I'd stop there and see some stained glass thing. It didn't work out that trip, so Danny and I tried to see it this time, but arrived about a half an hour too late, because it didn't specify its closing time on the brochure we picked up. Oh well, time I'm in Boston, I'll be sure to see it.

After that disappointment, we headed over to Fenway to see if we could find tickets to tonight's game. It didn't look good for awhile (because the stadium regularly sells out), but we finally managed to get two tickets in the grandstands, which were pretty good seats (my seat was slightly better because, unlike Danny, I didn't have a large pole blocking my view of the batter). I was surprised how full the park was. Although I have been to games with a higher attendance than tonight's (36k), it has never seemed as crowded as this. Some observations about my experience at Fenway:

1. It reinforced my distaste of the American League. I just cannot abide designated hitters and the pitcher not batting. It seems so lame and requires less strategy. I am a fan of strategy.
2. I found it interesting that Boston fans are hardly interested in the wave. But I suppose part of that might have to do with the fact that their stadium is not conducive for the wave.
3. I was impressed by the amount of pride this city has for their team. Throughout the day, people were wearing Red Sox gear throughout the city and then practically everyone in the stadium was sporting at least one item of Red Sox paraphernalia. Plus, coming from LA (where everyone is fairly nonplussed in cheering for the team), I was impressed by the amount of spirit Boston fans bring to the stadium.
4. I thought it was SO fun singing Sweet Caroline during the eighth inning. I also thought it was SO fun that after the short clip they played stopped, the whole stadium continued singing another chorus on our own. We don't need their amplified music!
5. I don't even want to comment on my frustrating experience waiting in an extremely long line at the women's restroom and the people changing the direction of the line after I had already been standing in it, making me lose my place and be even further from where I should have rightfully been, causing me to miss almost a whole inning.

Anyway, tonight's visit makes this the ninth baseball stadium I've been to. Here they all are, in order from most to least favored:

1. Braves Stadium, Atlanta, GA
2. Padres Stadium, San Diego, CA
3. Dodgers Stadium, Los Angeles, CA
4. Red Sox Stadium, Boston, MA
5. Angels Stadium, Anaheim, CA
6. Yankee Stadium, New York, NY
7. White Sox Stadium, Chicago, IL
8. Phillies Stadium, Philadelphia, PA
9. Nationals Stadium, Washington DC

Maybe someday I'll make that into an annotated list. For now, that's all you get! Best to get some sleep now - returning to Princeton tomorrow.

- Jenny, 5/15/2007 09:06:00 PM

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