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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Now that I'm free and clear, I've been trying to go through my inboxes. Today I looked at my gmail account, which has been sorely neglected. As I've been combing through the various emails, I've noticed that the gmail box always gets an interesting smattering of emails that are supposedly directed to me, but I've done nothing to solicit them. Listed below are a smattering of different emails I've been getting:

Barack Obama. Somehow or other I ended up on Barack Obama's email list. I'm not quite sure how this happened, to be honest. But he's sent me one email about one signature to end the war or something and then another email about how the lobbyists shouldn't control the country. I'm neither pro nor con Obama, as I know nothing about him. But, as an Independent who rarely votes, I just think it's interesting that somehow "he" got my email address and is sending me stuff about his campaign.

Kay from the Barons of Hindhead. If you remember back when I was in Scotland, I got an email from this woman who works for a BMW dealership in the UK about my upcoming wedding. I found it funny and confusing, since I am neither getting married, nor live in the UK (perhaps Kay is predicting my future?! - I can only hope!). Anyway, she is back in full email force, as she is now inquiring how planning for my wedding is going and how my house move went. She also thanks me for the kind 40th birthday card I sent her. It's nice to know that if I can figure out how to live in the UK, I'll have the following: a house, a husband, and a 40 year-old friend who sells BMWs.

Ticketmaster UK. Apparently, I have registered for the personalized option on Ticketmaster UK. Or, since it is apparent I have a house, husband and 40 year-old friend in the UK (somewhere), I suppose I should say that I have registered for the personalised option on Ticketmaster UK - My Ticketmaster. But, get this, not only did I register, but I apparently have two tickets to see the White Stripes in Leeds. Wherever that is. I'm sure this must be some sort of highly intelligent SPAM. That, or my husband is preparing to surprise me. And it will be quite the surprise!

E-Harmony. For whatever reason, I've also been getting TONS of email from eHarmony - deals about signing up, as well as information-type newsletters about how to find my type or how to read body language or whatever.

Interesting...who knows what other incorrect emails will find my inbox in the following weeks.

- Jenny, 5/06/2007 01:37:00 PM

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