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Thursday, May 17, 2007

It's only mid-day, but I'm already tired. I've been running around doing errands this morning (however, my list keeps growing, so the ones I've done today already seem unsubstantial) as well as fielding phone calls from various locations in the country. From my dad, two uncles and one aunt in Washington DC about directions of how to get there and how to park in that city, to my brother in LA and then Las Vegas alerting me about his flight status, to my two aunts and one uncle and two cousins in figuring out how to take the train to NY, to my cousin who (impressively) has navigated himself to Philly - it has been a busy morning. I've actually enjoyed the phone calls because I love giving directions. My brother once told me he heard me talking in my sleep and I was (supposedly) giving freeway directions.

This afternoon will be working on a graphic design book project that needs to get done by tomorrow before my brother and Carrie get in to Philly late this afternoon. If I have more time, I'll try to work on packing up my room. FYI, I did not manage to catch LOST last night, so those of you who look forward to what I have to say about it, you'll have to wait.

- and now -
What I Will Miss About New Jersey
by Jennifer Diane Smith

I will, of course, miss the friends I've made here and my church and, after a bit of a break, will probably miss my studies. But beyond those things, (in no particular order) here are the things I'll miss about New Jersey.

1. Radio Stations. I tend to get bored of listening to the same music, so I don't usually listen to CDs too much in my car (although you wouldn't know it, because I have about a bazillion stored in there). I think I just get tired of the same artist and I get tired of knowing the order of the songs, what's coming up next and stuff. So, I usually listen to the radio. Being inbetween Philadelphia and New York, Princeton gets a lot of differing radio stations and there are about eight radio stations that I can turn on and generally be pleased with what they'll be playing. Whereas you would expect that there would be a plethora of radio stations to listen to in LA, there's actually not many (there are many Spanish stations) and they all play exactly the same thing.

2. Bagels-4-U. Every Sunday as I'm driving up to church, I'll stop at Bagels-4-U and get myself a cinnamon burst bagel with walnut raisin cream cheese and a grapefruit juice. I have been doing this for probably two years now and I can only say that this is my most favorite bagel ever. Sometimes I wonder, though, why the price changes. Most times it's $4.13, but from time to time it has been $3.93 and today when I went up to church, the price was $4.28. For exactly the same items every single time. The fluctuating price doesn't bother me because the bagel is so satisfying. I wonder sometimes if the women who work there will wonder where the blonde girl who comes in every Sunday and orders the same thing went.

3. Woods. Being from LA, we don't have woods. But I really, really love the woods that surround Princeton. I love driving upon wooded streets. I love seeing the green leaves change color and fall and I love seeing the spring flowers that grow on them.

4. Towns. I love the small, quaint and old look of the towns here in NJ. I love how there's a town center and I love the bricks and the stone and the wood of the buildings. I hate the stucco of LA. It does not have personality like these little towns have personality.

5. Wegmans. This is simply the best supermarket ever. Although a supermarket is, essentially, a supermarket, Wegmans has a lot of added bonus. A fantastic deli, a great cafe, the train that runs along the ceiling of the store, lots of variety, etc.

6. Gas Stations. I don't care if sometimes you have to wait for the attendant to come by - I will miss people filling up my gas for me. Although I fully have the skills to fill my own gas, there's just something very nice about someone else doing it, especially when it's cold and rainy or snowy out. I will also miss the cheap prices of gas. Right now gas in NJ is about $2.90-ish and, from what I hear, back home it's around $3.50-ish. Plus, I drive less here in NJ, which means I fill up less, which means that it's both better for my finances and better for the environment.

7. NYC. I love New York City. I love being so close to it, to being able to take the train up.

8. Ice Cream. Ice cream just tastes way better on the east coast, and I'm not sure why.

9. Spring. Since most trees keep their leaves through the winter in LA, I don't think I ever truly understood spring until I came to New Jersey. There's something that's just so amazing about seeing the spring flowers come out and seeing leaves form and the weather turn nice. There's also this sense of relief because winter really does get to feel discouraging and endless, then there is this time when all of a sudden it lifts and that discouragement is gone and replaced by hope.

- Jenny, 5/17/2007 10:16:00 AM

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