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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

It was a long drive back from Boston. We made good time until we hit the Bronx, then it was stop and go traffic from then on, making it a long drive back. But we made it and we arrived an hour before Aunt Trisha, Aunt Sally, Roger, Keana and Leila got up to Princeton, so we all had dinner together and then went out for ice cream.

My dad, Uncle Brad, Aunt Ellie and Uncle Scott are also somewhere on this side of the country (they arrived this evening), but we're not exactly sure where they are. They've probably figured it out by now and are preparing to go to DC tomorrow. Danny's going to hit up Philly, Aunt Trisha, et al are going to go to Central Park. Me - I have errands to run, people to meet with, etc. Tomorrow looks like it'll be a busy day.

My brother and Carrie get here tomorrow. Tonight at dinner I all of a sudden realized how weird it was to be eating at Winberries with my family because, previous to tonight, they have been separated by 3,000 miles.

Just a few more days and then graduation!

- Jenny, 5/16/2007 08:05:00 PM

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