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Monday, May 07, 2007

I keep forgetting that tomorrow (Tuesday) I'm going to NYC for the day, so I figure I better post tonight (which is, actually, Tuesday morning) because I will not be lucid enough to post tomorrow morning because, as we all know, mornings are not exactly magic for me...especially if I've been up late the night before. However, I do note that if I can somehow stay up until 3 or 4 a.m., I actually do quite well the next day if I have to get up early.

Today I have generally been squandering my time. Went to Target with Penny (after I managed to sell some paintings for a pretty price!). Then went out to lunch at On the Border with a bunch of people. Then came back to my room and painted the whole afternoon (a repeat of this painting). Then had a leisurely dinner. Then out to the tap room with the senior class. A particularly classic moment was when The Scotsman was sitting next to me and we were watching the Yankee game as we talked and he tried to tell me (baseball lover and player) that he, the foreigner, knew better than me that the Yankees were away for tonight's game because they were wearing their away jersey and that he knew because he has done research (he's planning to buy a jersey or a shirt to take home with him). It was shoddy research because the Yankees were wearing white jerseys, which clearly indicates that they are in town. Then he tried to tell me that it's perfectly normal for a 30 year-old man to have a teddy bear as the background picture on his cell phone because, last he heard, both boys and girls get teddy bears to play with when they're young. (I really enjoy it when I hear the Scotsman say my name because I like how he pronounces it and I also like how he pronounces "boys and girls" because of the "r" sound in girls. Find a Scottish friend and have them say it and I'm sure you'll be delighted, too.)

More can be told about the tap room, but it'd best be told with pictures and I am currently awaiting cameraphone pictures from Emily, as my phone might as well be from the dark ages because it can't take pictures (alas, it is nearly 3 years old and I don't think I'll get a new phone until I know what my future entails, since I will have to sign up for a whole new contract). For awhile my phone couldn't receive pictures - I'd have to go on the internet to look at the picture (how lame is that?!), but I recently got this text message with a picture of an ominous "24" on it with the message, "Jenny - We've got the nukes. -Jack." Or something like that. But the thing was that I couldn't figure out who the message was from, so I asked my brother and Nathaniel and anyone I could think of. After a day or two I figured out how to call the person back, so I pressed dial and "Dad Cell" came up. The funny thing is that my dad doesn't even watch 24 and neither do I! But this is very typical for my dad. He can IM from his phone (even he has a better phone than me!) and so occasionally I'll get IMs from him on my computer saying stuff like "I'm away from my desk right now" or "I'm in a meeting." But my dad is a general contractor, so he doesn't have a desk and is rarely (if ever) in meetings. So he can be pretty funny.

Anyway, tomorrow morning I am waking up early, doing about 15 minutes of graphic design work and then catching the mid-morning train to NYC with Penny. I think our plans are to hang out in Central Park for most of the day, which I am stoked about because I love that park AND because the weather is supposed to be great tomorrow. Then we'll meet up with a whole host of people up in the Bronx to go to a Yankees game. The #1 Dodgers Fan (who ratted me out to my brother today! Who knew he even read my blog?!) will likely a.) try to say that I don't like baseball (which is a gross fallacy) and b.) give me a hard time for going to see a Yankees game (as will most Dodgers fans...we don't dislike the Yankees nearly as much as the Red Sox do, but we're not exactly fans of them, either). You are totally predictable, #1 Dodgers Fan. :)

The tough part about tomorrow will be deciding what to wear. It looks to be hot (75-80F) during the day, but likely will feel chilly at the baseball game in the evening, as every baseball stadium I've ever been in is a wind-tunnel. Plus, apparently you cannot take in bags to the stadium, so taking a backpack is out. Maybe I'll just bring my super comfortable and warm (yet downright ugly) fleece. I also will have to remember about sunscreen and figure out if jeans or light-weight pants is the better option. This, my friends, is the extent of what you have to worry about if you're a carefree graduate such as myself.

- Jenny, 5/07/2007 10:34:00 PM

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