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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I always love the first of every month because it means that I get to turn over the next page on my wall calendar. I love wall calendars because it's like free artwork that's always changing. Except for it's not really free because you have to pay for the calendar. But you get my point. The wall calendar I have here in Princeton is of watercolor flower drawings done by Mackintosh and it was nice to turn the page today because May's flower is a lot prettier than April's. My favorite wall calendar ever, though, probably still is the Lonely Planet one. Maybe I'll bring that one back for 2008.

Also, I've recently been using this bar soap that my aunt Ellie got me for Christmas. I love it. I prefer bar soap to body wash anyway (body wash is just too hard to hold), but I suppose the bar soap I would typically use is not this nice. This new bar soap is French...or maybe it's American bar soap posing as a French bar soap - I'm not really sure. All I know is that it feels really silky and makes me smell great.

Other than those two very fascinating details about my life, I have really very little to say. I've begun my paper on the woman preacher and I have about one page out of fifteen written. Not bad, but I hope that I can write a lot more on that today. Even though the paper is not due until next Monday, it would please me beyond all measure if I could finish it early this week for three reasons:

a.) it would give me more time to devote to studying for my exam on Saturday.
b.) it would allow me to have my weekend free (after the exam, that is).
c.) it would give my face a break, since I tend to break-out when I'm under stress (and now is certainly no exception - I feel like I haven't seen so many zits in my life as I have right now on my face!).

- Jenny, 5/01/2007 07:31:00 AM

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