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Monday, May 21, 2007

Hello from Fairmont, West Virginia. Dad and I have arrived at our final destination today and are currently watching Cash Cab on the Discovery Channel - one of my faves. I love answering the questions, but I also love predicting whether the people can make it to their destination or not. These people are for sure going to make problem.

Woke up super early this morning (6:10 a.m.) in order to pick up Joey and Carrie to take them to the airport. Because Joey and Carrie are not morning people, the ride was quite pleasant because none of us felt the need to speak to each other until we were closer to the airport, which allowed each of us time to wake up a little. There's nothing more unpleasant to a night person than talking to others in the morning, I think (from this statement, it is obvious that I am also a night person). Then drove back (there was a fair bit of traffic this morning, which was a bummer, but the real bummer was that I found an entirely new radio station that has no annoying DJ, few commercials and songs I want to hear on it--on my last day in the area!), packed up my car and Dad and I were on the road by 10-ish this morning.

We drove across Pennsylvania, which is not as horrible as I remember. Actually, it was quite pleasant and had some nice vistas, which makes me wonder why it was so horrible last time. Maybe because we were near the end of our journey it was miserable? Maybe Pennsylvania heard my laments about driving through it and has shaped itself up? Unlikely, but I swear Pennsylvania was not this nice the past two times driving through it. While we were driving on the turnpike, we stopped at a service station and I noticed a guy wearing a John Calvin t-shirt, which struck me as fairly weird.

So we went through about half to two-thirds of Pennsylvania and then headed south through the Maryland panhandle, which is actually quite beautiful in a country-sort of way. Then into West Virginia, which isn't very interesting at all.

BUT - what is interesting is that today this blog has had not one but TWO hits from a search on Yahoo for "jenny p action girls" from two very different locations - Scottsdale, AZ and Boise, ID. Since I am the first on the list, and since there is no greater information on the Yahoo page about Jenny P and her action girls, the questions form - who is this Jenny P, why does she have action girls, and how is she known of in both Arizona and Idaho and, yet, does not appear to have a website?

- Jenny, 5/21/2007 02:47:00 PM

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