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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Today is one of those days when I am just really tired (because I stayed up too late last night and this morning's 8 a.m. class is too early!), so I will likely nap as soon as I am finished with this blog. Presently my room feels really warm (controlling the temperature in here is impossible), so although I get sleepy when it's really warm, I really, really can't ever fall asleep when it's warm.

At lunch today I was talking with the Scotsman and he mentioned that when he returns to Scotland he's going to be a street pastor or something (David, really?). I asked him if it meant that he was going to be walking around in the city center with a sign on himself saying "The End is Nigh," but he assured me that it was legit and said it was just like some guardian angels who were in one of our US subway systems that protected people. He assumed that I was familiar with these people, but I have no idea who or what he's talking about. I mentioned that it sounded a bit like Ghost, except that the guy on the subway in that movie was a sort of nether-angel to which the Scotsman replied, "These people aren't actual angels..." (As if I thought he was talking about an organization of actual angels on a subway in NYC!)

Another funny comment from last night:
Me: Tracey, Emily and I are planning on going to the senior banquet together tomorrow night. Do you want to sit with us?"
Tracey: Sure. Hey, afterward do you want to go to the tap room?
Me: Um, well, I was planning on going to the senior worship service after dinner...
Tracey: Oh. Well, do you want to go to the tap room after the worship service?

I really like the feel of the tap room, but I don't know if I'll go after worship tonight since LOST is also on and it's fun to watch with the group that gathers in my room to watch it every week. I could always watch LOST online tomorrow, but last week's episode was SO good and it won't be as much fun to watch it alone tomorrow because I won't have people to discuss theories during the commercials.

Here's the good news:
1. I finally got the package I was waiting for from Amazon in the mail yesterday.
2. I only have two final papers and one final exam left. (and a class presentation, but that's already prepared...I just have to show up)
3. Two classes this week + one week of classes are what is left of my graduate studies.
4. I started reading the book I've been waiting for: Gig: Americans Talk About Their Jobs and, although I have only read about the Walmart Greeter, the UPS driver and the corproate headhunter, I am finding it really interesting! It's interesting to hear about these jobs from people who are flat out telling you what it's like to do what they do. Jobs I'm interested to read about that are coming up within the first 100 pages: Slaughterhouse Human Resources Director, Clutter Consultant, Computer Chip Layout Designer, Tofu Manufacturer.

Here's the bad news:
1. The lid of my laptop is not latching.
2. I have not read one single page for that one final exam I have in Presbyterian History and Theology. Considering that I have over 500 pages to read in order to catch up, that test will be brutal.

- Jenny, 4/18/2007 11:50:00 AM

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