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Monday, April 09, 2007

Today I have the chance to redeem myself. Awhile ago I forgot to pick up this guy from the airport. He was coming in from Germany and he waited over an hour for me to get there. Thank goodness he was incredibly kind about it. Well, he's flying back into the airport today and it is my duty to pick him up again. I am determined to be there before his plane lands this time. The only (potential) problem is that my one class on Mondays was cancelled today (allowing me to have a great wake up time), so I may actually forget mid-day that I do need to go and pick him up. I've devised a plan. I've set an alarm on my computer that not only gives a sound, but also displays a message telling me to wake him up. Now the key will be for me to ensure I'm at my computer when this needs to happen.

I got some exciting news over the weekend! It's probably really exciting to no one but me. My friend Vicky works for this company back home and last summer I was allowed to play on their company softball team (The Sliders, even though I can't remember anyone actually sliding). As I have been thinking about going home after graduation to figure out my life, I have been thinking that it would be really great to play softball with them again. And out of the blue this weekend Vicky emailed me saying that she already signed me up for the team! So exciting! I mean, they may want me just becacuse I can throw and catch very well (and I can hit well so long as I'm not in a slump), but really I'm the one who benefits because I just love baseball. Playing it, watching it, etc.. If I could actually figure out how to live and work in Scotland, that would be the one major disappointment: no baseball. But I can't seem to figure out how to work in Scotland, so there is no way I can live there. Problem solved!

This is a random shout-out to Tracey for no apparent reason. Certainly, she never asked for this shout-out. It would not be like her to do that. :)

Yesterday after church, lunch with Emily and calling my family to exchange Easter greetings, I finished up the first of my two sermons for my women's preaching class. I will begin working on the second one today, as I will need to finish it before I go up to Connecticut this weekend to visit Emily, or MLE (as you all may know her to be from the comments).

After I finished my sermon, I debated starting the next one last night, but instead I squandered my time on the internet, as per usual. First of all, I whittled my school email inbox down from 70 to 33, which is a major feat. I don't think it's been that low since last summer...maybe. Then I decided to develop my Facebook profile, since I had inadvertently signed up for Facebook a month or two ago. I don't actually want to do Facebook (why do I need one more thing after blogs, Flickr and MySpace to occupy my time?), but a friend from CPE last summer, Denise, requested to be my friend and there was just no way I could not friend Denise. I suppose the time commitment won't matter - because a.) I don't plan on checking it all that often and, b.) in a month or two, I will have all of the time in the world and won't have to feel guilty about it. By the way, there is this function on Facebook that allows one to "poke" one another. I have no idea what it means, other than it sounds fairly scandalous. Anyone know what that is?

I guess probably tomorrow I'll upload the Joe's Crab Shack photos and talk about other things that simply must be spoken. For now, I'm going to brush my teeth, blow dry my hair, and get started on this second sermon.

- Jenny, 4/09/2007 07:22:00 AM

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