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Monday, April 16, 2007

This past weekend I went up to visit my friend Emily. I've known Emily since middle school and it was fun to see her and to spend some time with her, her husband and two sweet little boys. It was also fun to remember old times. Emily reminded me of this English teacher I had in the eighth grade who I loathed. I forgot completely about her but the mere mention of her name brought back all of those old feelings, regardless that I can't remember exactly why I hated her so. Emily also reminded me that the teacher asked us to write a paper about someone we didn't like and apparently Emily, Colleen and I all wrote the paper about this particular teacher (I don't remember this at all), but Emily and Colleen were smart enough to disguise who they were talking about. What did I do? Not hide a thing, of course. It makes me laugh because that is so who I am, even though I don't recall this paper at all. Long story short: if I have a problem with you, I will not mince words and you will know. Sometimes I don't know where I get off...

Emily lives up in rural-ish western Connecticut, in the rugged but beautiful mountains. The drive up there was really beautiful and it was nice, especially, on Saturday to take a long walk with Emily and her little boys out in nature. I can't be trusted, though, because I was pushing Jack (3) in the stroller while Emily was carrying Mickey (almost 2) in the carrying thing and I'd be walking along, chatting, looking up at the trees or aside at the little brook and would unknowingly be wheeling Jack into the brook.

I had a fun time but thought I should probably book it right after church on Sunday, as a Noreaster was forecast to bring in 2-4 inches with 50 mph winds. Sure enough, I was driving through torrential rains as I came back to Princeton. Here are some rather dull videos I took on my camera when I finally made it to the New Jersey Turnpike. They are silent because my camera does not have a microphone in it, but you don't really need the sound of my car radio blaring with me signing along, anyway.

I've returned to Princeton to find mini-crises:

a.) I overslept my only class this morning which was problematic because I had to turn in a paper. However, classes are cancelled today because apparently it's too flooded to either come into or out of Princeton.

b.) A frightening bug was lurking around my room last night, but I ended up killing it with a teabag.

c.) Tracey is up in Princeton this week and we had planned on seeing a movie together this afternoon, but now with the flooded roads, it is unclear whether or not we can actually see the movie, which would be SO disappointing to me.

d.) I am supposed to pick up my preaching teacher from the airport this evening, but with the roads being flooded, now I am not sure if I can...

e.) At some point in the very near future, I have to deal with this mess.

- Jenny, 4/16/2007 08:48:00 AM

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