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Friday, April 20, 2007

On my way back from Connecticut last weekend, I stopped at a mall on the way to get lunch. While I was there, I decided to pop in to Macy's and found a nice pair of black pants on sale ($60 originally down to $20! Great deal! Unless you're from the UK and you think I'm talking about underwear...$20 for underwear would be quite pricey.). So, I bought them and headed back to New Jersey.

Fast forward to Tuesday, I was getting ready for a nice luncheon, so I thought I'd wear my new black suit pants. I pulled them out of the bag and when I paired them with whatever top I was going to wear, it occurred to me that they didn't match. I was in a hurry, so I abandoned ship and pulled out a different pair of pants to go with the outfit I had in mind.

Fast forward to last night as I was packing clothes for this weekend. It is stressful, by the way, to have to figure out interview clothes for a whole weekend long. I will be totally transparent and let you know that I cried last night just because it was a bit overwhelming. Ridiculous, I know, but it is my life. So, I thought that I'd wear my new black pants at some point this weekend and I pulled them out again and again realized that they didn't quite match anything. They didn't go with my black shoes but they also didn't go with my brown shoes. So now I have this mysterious pair of pants that I cannot figure out the color of (for someone totally into color like I am, this is quite perplexing). I decided that this weekend I'd assume they're dark brown pants and not black. I am wearing them as I write this in the terminal and, even now, I'm not quite sold that they're brown, but no one has stopped me saying, "Fashion faux pas - black pants with brown shoes," so I'll probably be ok.

I also have this jacket that I did not bring with me, but it is as perplexing as these pants. The jacket changes color, depending on the light that I'm wearing it in. If I'm in florescent light, it's olive green. If I'm in natural or more yellow/warm light, it's clearly brown. Consequently, I almost never wear the jacket because I just can't handle not knowing how I will match the jacket witih whatever I am wearing. It's frustrating.

Anyway, I hope the guy sitting next to me in the terminal is not sitting next to me on the plane. He's a talker. And if there's something I dislike - it's sitting by a talker on an airplane!

- Jenny, 4/20/2007 10:55:00 AM

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