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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I was incredibly exhausted when I got up this morning and, while I'm not tired anymore (it took at least 3 hours for me to wake up today, even after a shower), I find myself extremely irritable with everything. I hate it when I have a bad attitude. Even worse, I hate it when I have a bad attitude and am aware of it and yet cannot do anything about it. That is today. Except when I was trudging up the stairs to my room after class and before work, grumbling that I had to go to work today and work even longer than usual, I realized that today is Wednesday and tonight LOST is on. Then I remembered that it's a Juliet-focused episode. I love Juliet. Actually, I love all of the Others. They are, by far, my favorite characters on the show - Ben, Juliet, Tom...and Locke, who seemingly is joining in their side. I'm not sure what it says about me that I like the Others more than I like the Losties...

Last night I babysat for four of my most favorite boys ever: Abe (12), Will (11), Zac (9) and Eli (8). I hate babysitting, but I love these boys. They were showing me a bunch of stuff on YouTube, including this Harry Potter puppet show, which I love, especially when Ron (my favorite in the Harry Potter series--I have a little crush on him) pops up.

I find news stories like this about medical ethics to be extremely interesting. I side with the hospital in this story (and am apparently in the minority - the poll indicates 70% side with the family). I sincerely hope if I ever end up in the hospital non functioning and on life support machines that my family will have the courage to pull the plug.

Lately I find myself listening to the latest Pink Martini album non-stop. I downloaded it on iTunes the other day and I just find it so fun to listen to. Makes me think of summer.

- Jenny, 4/11/2007 12:01:00 PM

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