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Thursday, April 05, 2007

I much prefer yesterday's rainy and wet 45F day than today's sunny and dry but frigidly cold 38F day. It feels so cold outside!

Looks like the forecast will stay cold through the weekend, making this the third cold Easter in a row that I've experienced here in New Jersey. I really miss having Easter be warm; going to my aunt's house in Laguna Beach and taking a walk along the beach, climbing the rocks, looking at the tide pools. It would be a moot point if I were home for Easter this year, as I hear my family will be celebrating Easter at my grandpa's house in Palm Springs, precisely where there are no beaches and no tide pools.

I guess I don't have much to say today, so I'll move on to my thoughts on last night's LOST, episode #15: Left Behind (UK readers, beware)

I wasn't a huge fan of this episode, I suppose mainly because I'm not a huge fan of Kate's. It really bothers me how impetuous Kate is, how she never seems grounded or to be reflective on the consequences her actions make. So although I feel sad for her regarding her mom and those interactions, I guess there's a point where I wonder what Kate would be like if she was the least bit reflective about the things that have occurred in her life.

I do, however, like Juliet a lot (I also really like Sun - where's my Season 3 Sun episode?) and wonder what on earth Juliet was thinking by handcuffing herself to Kate and going into the middle of the forest on the island. Have the Others really divested themselves from Juliet, or is this a ploy? I like how with Juliet you're never quite sure what she's up to...kind of like Ben, actually. On the appearance she seems like a good ally, but there is most definitely something crafty about her. I'm really interested to see next week's episode where Juliet goes back to camp with them...will she be accepted, or what will it take for her to be accepted amongst the people?

I am intrigued about the appearance of the smoke monster in this episode and wonder why it was taking pictures of Juliet and Kate. I also wonder if Juliet really doesn't know what the smoke monster is. On one hand I can believe that statement, but on the other hand, I just can't.

I'm not really sure what Locke is doing at all, or where the Others were going or why they're content to have Locke join them. Nor am I sure that Juliet wasn't part of the plan to smoke bomb everyone, as she knew where Sayid was (at the end of the episode) and she is the one who handcuffed herself to Kate.

I also liked how Hurley tricked Sawyer into developing his sense of being constructive around camp. Astutely done, Hurley, astutely done. At the end of the episode, while it does not seem that Sawyer particularly liked doing the nice things, he seemed to like the outcome of his actions and I wonder if this is the one thing he needed in order to see how to change his life around. It seems like he desires this much more than his normal, rote operation, but didn't know how to go about getting out of that pattern. I'm interested to see if this develops into a greater transformation for him.

- Jenny, 4/05/2007 10:20:00 AM

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