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Monday, April 16, 2007

I found out about the shooting at Virginia Tech tonight while I was at dinner with Tracey. While we were eating the worst Mexican food ever, I happened to glance at the TVs in the bar of the restaurant and noticed that there was something going on at Virginia Tech. My very good friend Shane started as a professor there this fall, so naturally my interest was piqued by having a connection to that school. I was shocked and scared when I saw that the reason VT was on the news was because of a shooting. Although I was upset that the shooting happened in the first place, I was really concerned for my friend. But I told myself, "Jenny, you visited Shane and Jessica when you were driving back to Princeton this past fall. You have seen that the campus is really large and there is a good chance that Shane is ok." So, when I got home and checked out the news story on CNN and read that the building (most of) the shootings occurred in was the engineering and mathematics building, I started shaking. This is exactly the building Shane works in. I immediately checked his blog and am relieved to hear that he and his wife are in Florida today.

Tonight I am thankful that my friend is ok and I grieve for those who cannot make that statement.

- Jenny, 4/16/2007 07:10:00 PM

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