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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I am feeling tired and a tad depressed today, so today's blog will have some show-and-tell action and will be followed up by me taking an asprin (headache), taking a nap and then tidying my room up for LOST tonight.

And we commence:

As many of you know, I had LASIK done on my eyes in January of 2004, making it such that I no longer have to wear glasses or contacts. Here is my passport photo, which is the only picture (I think) that I have of me wearing glasses (at least, the only one I have here on the east coast). I showed it to Tracey the other weekend (we were comparing passports, as I have always wanted to see a British passport, but it never seems appropriate to ask a stranger in an airport, which has been my only real chance to see one) and Tracey said that I look a lot older in my passport photo than I currently do (the picture is from approximately 5 years ago). I think I just look like me, perhaps because I see the same face in the mirror every day and I saw that face with short hair and glasses for a long time. Anyway, I bring up all of this because when I had LASIK done, I remember the worst part about it was when they inserted the clamp to hold open your eyelids. That was the absolute worst part - everything else was a piece of cake. So imagine my interest when I saw this picture on Wikipedia the other day (warning, you may find the picture to be graphic)! This is what I must have looked like on the operating table! (except for I think my eye clamp was a clear plastic and they didn't have those tweezer-like things pulling that stuff out of the corner of my eye) So fascinating!! I wish I was better at science because I really just think it's so interesting and cool.

Next. Last night I was looking on Flickr, putting off work (as is getting to be quite common) and I found a photo of these two crazy houses very close to my house in Burbank. I found it because I was searching for "burbank" on Flickr to see what people are taking pictures of in my hometown but noticed that the person posted it on Guess Where LA a year or two ago, which kind of just made me sad because I would have pounced on guessing that...but now it's too late because it's already been guessed.

Next. I also found this picture of a "Self Pronouncing Holy Bible, which I thought was kind of funny.

Next. Then there's this panda that I think is hilarious, but neither Carrie nor my brother think is funny. And David Anderson just didn't get it.

Next. And here are some really neat photos I found on Flickr awhile back.

The end.

- Jenny, 4/04/2007 11:29:00 AM

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