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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

As per my cousin Danny's request, I will post something happier so that he can remind me of the free scoop day at Ben and Jerry's. I actually have been busy all morning long, so I haven't had time to sit down and put something together for today's blog until now. And now that I know Ben and Jerry's is offering a free scoop, I want to ditch this blog post and get some ice cream. But that will just have to wait until later on. I don't eat Ben and Jerry's often, so I'm not entirely sure which is "my" flavor, but I think I remember that I liked Cherries Garcia last time I ate it.

I tend to like fruit flavored ice creams over chocolate/caramel those types of ice cream. When I was at Emily's house this weekend, she offered me some Take the Cake ice cream. This ice cream is an effort for Fox not only to take over our televisions several nights a week with American Idol, but also a way for them to take over our freezers with an American Idol-like ice cream competition. Take the Cake ice cream is flavored to be like eating yellow cake with frosting and sprinkles and, having tried it this past weekend, I found myself impressed with it, especially the blue frosting swirl embedded in the ice cream. Frosting is always my favorite part of a cake (especially if it's cream cheese frosting!), so this ice cream has everything going for it.

I just came back from our Senior Women's Luncheon. I gather that this is an annual event hosted by the Women's Center on campus wherein the female seniors gather together and eat. Which is exactly what we did. When I was offered coffee at dessert, I asked for tea. Eventually the waitress came back and handed me a plate of nicely arranged teabags (wherein I had a difficult time choosing between regular black or mint--my two faves) and I selected my teabag and placed it in my cup. Others at the table also wanted tea (over half of the table, which is rare for us Americans), so we all picked out our teabags and our waitress left. After sitting there with my teabag waiting for at least five minutes, I leaned over and asked Tracey if she thought that we would ever get some hot water to accompany our teabag. She was getting up to get dessert anyway, so she said she'd ask the waitress to come over with some hot water. So the waitress came over and filled up my mug and my mug only. You should have seen the looks on the other's faces - it was precious. It turned out that she ran out of water, so she had to go and get another water pot, but it was really funny nonetheless because it took so long for us to get our tea with such uncertain service. But the absolute most classic thing that happened in this incident was that Tracey said to me, "We'll be sure to blog about this later." This statement is funny because, if you have a blog, chances are that Tracey is a faithful reader of it, but she is a silent stalker and will not even dare post a comment, much less write a post about a teabag. So for her to say that we'll blog about it is ridiculously funny because she means to say, "Jenny, you'll blog about it and I'll live through the post as if it were my own."

- Jenny, 4/17/2007 11:22:00 AM

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